Smiley Cookie Difference  
It’s the Smile that Makes the Difference


It’s the original, the classic, the beloved. The uncompromised and un-challenged. It’s the archetype drawn each day by our devoted bakery artists — the training, the attention to detail, the passion.


It’s the Smile that makes the Smiley Cookie an icon.


And then there’s what makes it the most delicious, universally loved cookie in our time and beyond — this is not an exaggeration.


Each and every Smiley cookie, in all its variations, is baked fresh by our team of artisan bakers with only the finest, pure ingredients — all kosher, trans-fat- and nut-free — and then hand-iced in reverent preparation …


… there is a moment of silence, like the pause before the conductor brings down his wand upon the opening of Bach’s Toccata And Fugue In D Minor, and then there is the Smile.


It is the same Smile that you see when you give our cookies as a gift, when a child takes his or her first bite. The same Smile you hear in the voices of our Customer Service Team any time, day or night. It’s the Smile you can’t hold back, no matter how hard you try, when you treat yourself to the simply delicious pleasures of a Pittsburgh’s homemade Smiley Cookie.



It’s most definitely the Smile on your best friend’s face, when she phones from Nebraska to thank you for the taste of home — Smiley Cookies delivered fresh and in perfect condition to the door of her new office at Lincoln University in Jefferson City.


And it’s knowing that your Smiley cookies are 100% guaranteed to be 100% decadent, delicious and delightful (not necessarily in that order) — a promise that inspires smiles all around!


 Smiley Cookies