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Valentines Day Cookies

Valentines Day Cookies

Heart Shaped Cookies

Nut free, kosher, & individually wrapped Valentine's day cookies, gifts and baskets-- available in bulk; perfect for any party or event!

**IMPORTANT NOTE**   Our cookies take 2 business days to bake, ahnd ice, wrap & send out. Any order placed on or after 2/12 will ship out 2/14. We cannot process orders with a delivery date of Valentine's Day at this time. 

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1 Item(s)

Valentine’s Day Cookies

Looking for love? Well, look no further! Love is in the air with our wide array of heart shaped valentines cookies. Perfect for trying to bring back an old flame or impress a new crush. Coming in red, white and pink, who could actually resist such a colorful combo?

Smiley Cookies offers Valentines sugar cookies to everyone and anyone looking for love from family, friend, coworkers and forgotten flames.

Our Heart Shaped Cookies

Nothing says “I love you,” like our personalized valentine cookies hitting your loved ones with an instant wave of happiness and glee. Valentines Day cookie recipes are easy to come by, but not always so easy to execute. Without Smiley Cookie’s help along the way, you might end up leaving your special someone high and dry.

Creamy red and white frosting lines each of our heart-shaped Valentine cookies. These custom created cookies go perfectly with both a glass of milk and a special someone by your side. Imagine waking up to a plate full of colorfully decorated heart shaped cookies on your doorstep, you’re heart would just drop!

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Cookies in a Gift Basket

In the end, give that special someone a plate of Valentines sugar cookies and let them know you truly do love them. Whether giving these sweet treats to your beloved grandmother or to the object of all your desires, seal the deal and show your love through their stomach.

 Remember, there’s no better way to show someone you love them then through their stomach. Let Smiley Cookie make the process that much easier, giving you the satisfaction without the hassle gift giving can sometimes bring. Happy Valentine’s Day!