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Thinking of You

Thinking of your friend? your mom or dad? Your kid at college? Let them know by sending them a Thinking of you cookie basket from SmileyCookie.

23 Item(s)

23 Item(s)

Thinking of You — Sweet Ideas

How many times have you thought of a high school friend, an old lover, the cousin you used to ride bikes with, the college roommate, the crush, a relative with bad-luck streak, an old teacher, your grandmother in Michigan — just about anyone who has touched your life in some clearly unforgettable way?


Maybe you simply just can’t stop thinking about a friend in need or your sister who is hunkered down studying 24-7 to pass the bar?


Well, this happens to us all the time and we’re full of thoughts about how to take that moment and make it a sweet connection that time can’t erase. Hence, our thinking of you cookie gifts filled with a variety of sweet surprises — shining stars, blossoming flowers, coffee and coffee mugs (the ones with the coffee have your sister’s name written all over them), along with our famous original Smiley cookies — all collected in a memorable gift bag. Or, simply send a smiling dozen of our delightful thinking of you cookies to the unsuspecting.


Imagine the surprise, the sweet realization when they open the thinking of you cookie basket you’ve sent and realize there is someone in their corner, that they’re not alone, that they’ve made a lasting impression — at least one deserving of an unforeseen treat. Could you be any sweeter?


And you can place your order knowing that all of our thinking of you cookie gift baskets come freshly baked, hand-iced and delivered direct  — a thoughtful present with cheer in mind.


Order a cookie gift basket for friends (or any one else) today and let your loved ones know they are never far from your thoughts or from the small, unexpected joy a little something sweet can bring.