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Welcome Baby - Baby Shower Cookies- Its A Boy/ Girl Gifts

Baby Shower Sugar Cookies

Baby Shower cookies are our specialty at! Looking for baby boy cookies? Or maybe baby girl cookies?

No matter-- here at we multiple variations of new born baby cookies that Moms are sure to love! a.k.a has the BEST baby cookie bouquet!

Our baby cookies are nut free, kosher, individually wrapped and have bulk availability! They are the perfect baby shower favor or gift!

21 Item(s)

21 Item(s)


Welcome Baby Smiley Cookie Gifts — Its a Girl or Its a Boy Cookies That Are Born to Please!



Got a bun in the oven? We’ll we’ve got some cookies in ours to welcome him or her into this thing we call life, or at least to keep mom deliciously happy in that last long month! Our delcious Its a Girl or Its A Boy Cookies are are guaranteed to make everyone in the family smile!


 But seriously, nothing is more precious than the birth of a baby unless, of course, it is the gift of our ridiculously cute baby girl and boy Smiley cookie gift baskets that promise sweet beginnings and superb taste (note: we’re not responsible if child grows up to be a lounge lizard, used car salesman, etc.).


And nothing is more precious than your time and taste when looking for baby gifts online …


… so, look no more! The online baby gift you’ve been hunting for is just a click away! Whether you want a baby shower gift basket for the mom-and-dad-to-be or something a little sweet to keep grandma and grandpa preoccupied while they wait, our its a boy cookies are the just what the doctor ordered!


Boy or girl, we have just the thing to breathe new life (and taste) into your baby shower gift. Our charming its a girl gift baskets come with sweet mini pink Smileys and our classic “I’ve got the milk, you bring the cookies” bib. Our its a boy's basket, the same, except our its a boy cookies are dressed all in blue.


You can also buy our one-of-a-kind bibs and adorable “Sweet Little Cookie” onesies in pink or blue separately, depending on your gender (not yours, but the baby’s). Mix and match — bibs, onesies, cookies — to create your own gift or simply click and order. In no time at all, you’ll be tickled pink (or blue) by the arrival of a baby gift that will have everyone going gaa-gaa, indeed!


And that’s not al! You can also order our regular or mini Smileys in pink or blue (or both if you’re not sure) as a sweet touch to your baby shower — it doesn’t get any cuter. And when you do, rest assured that your welcome baby Smiley cookies are freshly baked by our devoted bakers, hand-iced and most importantly, delivered, straight to you or whomever you choose (this is one delivery you can be assured won’t be late).


So if you’re hosting a party for the mother-to-be or buy baby gift is on your to-do list, think Smiley cookies. They’re better than a bottle, or at least better than a baby bottle …


So when it comes to welcoming a new little one into the world, labor not! Send one of our new baby cookie gifts and shower your sooner-than-later mom with a little something sweet to fill her belly — oops! She’s already got that!