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Congratulations Cookies

Graduation? New House? New Baby? Make your congratulation gift delicious with a Cookie Gift Basket!

16 Item(s)

16 Item(s)

Sweet Congrats — A Whoo-Hoo in Every Bite!


An award, a new job, a promotion, a leading role, a big gig, a small publication, a dance recital, a new beginning. At some point in everyone’s life, they should be rewarded with acknowledgement that their efforts have been noted. Truly nothing is so sweet — except our cookies!


A Smiley congratulations cookie gift basket is the ultimate way to say “you deserve it” with the sweet taste of heart-felt praise. Choose from our collection of way-to-go treats including graduation cookies and our new job gift basket — just two of the many reasons for a pat on the back, a big hurrah, or a simple “keep it up.” Filled with combinations of shining stars, blossoming flowers, coffee and coffee mugs, along with our famous original Smiley cookies — all collected in a happy gift bag — they make the effort worth it and the reward even sweeter.


And you can place your order knowing that all of our congratulations cookies come as a tasty surprise, baked fresh, hand-iced by our devoted bakers and delivered directly to the recipient with back-clapping cheers and a smile that says “good work,” “good wishes” and “good for you” with a round of freshly baked applause. Yeah, that’s good.


So when someone you know reaches that milestone, climbs up the ladder, takes a brave chance or makes a dream come true, give the gift that can be enjoyed and shared — a congratulations cookie gift basket with compliments, complements of you!