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Birthday Cookie Gifts

Birthday Cookie Gifts

Birthday Cookies

Birthday cookie gift basket sure to surprise your birthday boy or girl! Order a delicious birthday gift basket today. You can also order our birthday cookies for a school party as they are individually wrapped, nut free & available in bulk.

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1 Item(s)

Happy Birthday, Cookie!

Are you the kind of person looking for a birthday cookie gift baskets are guaranteed to seduce and satisfy the one you love? Something unique that will sweeten the day with the unexpected flavor of frivolity, the tantalizing taste of promise? A gift you wish someone might give you some day — if perhaps they were that devoted, that sweet?


Then you’re probably one of us. We believe that a birthday cookie gift basket should make you smile, whether you’re the giver or the receiver, and our line of birthday gift cookies offers plenty of ways to give a little grin to those you love on their very special day. (You’re smiling already, aren’t you?)


All you need do is select from our signature line of birthday cookie gift baskets with a variety of sweet surprises — red hearts, shining stars and blossoming flowers, along with our famous original Smiley cookies — all collected in a happy gift bag. Or, simply send a dozen of our delightful Smiley birthday cookies to your birthday boy or girl — a gift that’s sure to bring smiles all around. Everyone loves having birthday cookies delivered!


It’s true — young or old — the reaction is always the same (we’ve seen it ourselves on many an occasion). First, a crazy, happy I’m-so-glad-it’s-my-birthday, you-know-just-what-I-love smile and then an automatic reach for the biggest, freshest, sweetest Smiley cookie in the bunch — which would be them all. 


And you can place your order knowing that all of our birthday cookie gifts come as a sweet surprise, freshly baked, hand-iced and delivered directly to the lucky birthday recipient — a tasteful present, indeed.


And if you’ve never sent a birthday cookie basket before, don’t let that stop you! We’ve talked to professional cookie lovers far and wide and there’s no doubt about it: when you give the ultimate combination of old-fashioned, baked cookie goodness iced with our colorful, signature smile, you’ve given a gift that makes one glad to be born, to be alive.


And that’s an understatement.  So check out our full selection of birthday cookie gift baskets.