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Nut Free Cookies

Nut Free Cookies

Nut Free Easter Cookies and nut free gift baskets are the perfect way to make safe, friendly smiles with your friends, family, church, school or other big group where nut allergies are a concern. Our nut free sugar cookies are tree nut free peanut free, individually wrapped, kosher, hand iced, baked fresh and the best way to share a Smile! Made in a 100% nut free bakery.
Nut Free Cookies and Nut Free Gift Baskets  


Nut-Free Cookie Gifts! Nut-Free Bakery! Peanut Free Cookies!


Our cookies are made in a peanut-free and tree-nut free facility. No peanuts, tree nuts, or nuts of any kind ever enter our certified nut free bakery. We also ensure that our ingredients are not produced in facilities that process nuts.

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1 Item(s)

Peanut Free Cookies and Nut Free Cookie Gift Baskets


Are you nutty about our Smiley cookies and gifts? Do you make sure to pay attention to the dietary restrictions of those you love? Then rest assured, when it comes to allergy-conscious eating, you’ve got nuttin’ to worry about at!


All of our signature Smiley cookies — every day and holiday varieties — are completely nut free! Almond, cashew, walnut, pine nut, pecan, hazelnut, Brazil nut, peanut, you-name-it nut free! Yes, indeed, you’d be wacky to think that we would harbor even the most harmless nut in our nut free bakery where we make insanely delicious peanut free baked goods, peanut free cookies, nut free cookies, and nut free cookie gift baskets that still shell out the flavor!


This means that everything we bake, including our peanut free cookies, is 100% safe for school activities and celebrations, children’s events and any occasion that requires a nut-free menu or environment. No cross-contamination even possible (we don’t let a nut within a mile of our doors).


In addition, you can make your own nut free cookies in your school or team colors if you like, and send these peanut free foods to classmates and teammates without a second thought. Kids with allergies are crazy about them — and so are their parents!


And we have nut free cookies and gifts for all occasions, from the Fourth of July to 40th birthday parties! All you need do is select your favorite collection or basket and place your order knowing that your peanut free cookies are freshly baked, hand-iced and delivered straight to whomever you choose, as quick as you can say “kooky” — or cookie!


So the next time you are looking for a peanut free snack, nut free cookie, or peanut free cookies — just to be safe, just to look good or just to keep yourself from going nuts with worry — look no further than Nut free and full of fun!