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Cookie Gift Baskets

Cookie Gift Baskets

Cookie Gift Baskets

Cookie Gift Baskets are perfect for any holiday, birthday, special occasion or just because! Fast Delivery and 100% guarantee. All of our gourmet sugar cookies are nut free, kosher, baked fresh and hand iced. Bulk and individually wrapped options are available.

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Give the Gift of Happiness — Cookie Gift Basket Delivery

Just think how much easier Little Red Riding Hood would have had it if she had just packed some of our magnificent Smiley Cookies in her basket — treats that keep even the hungriest wolf happy. Actually, just think how much happier her grandmother would have been.


We are. We’re always thinking of happiness, and that ‘s why we make it easy to buy cookies gifts with our wide selection of everyday and holiday cookie gift baskets (you can even buy a kosher gift basket, a get well gift basket or a custom gift basket with a single click, right from your own hood!)


Come out of the woods and have a look around our Smiley Cookie site where you’ll find every kind of gift basket you can imagine, starting with holiday cookies, available seasonally for your gift-giving pleasure and filled with original Smiley sugar cookies, Smiley hearts for Valentine’s Day (or any day, really), Smiley shamrocks for Saint Patrick’s Day (these might be a little strange on another day, but you can never tell with leprechauns), Smiley Christmas trees (no explanation needed), Smiley stars (Fourth of July & Congratulations), Smiley flowers (Mother’s Day, Easter, Blossoming Artist Day) and other holiday-appropriate symbols and icons. Or, check out our “Occasion” gift baskets, aptly named as they are ideal for the occasional occasion like showers, birthdays, new jobs, anniversaries, graduation, weddings, get well wishes, etc.


You can even create your own basket with custom-colored Smiley cookies to match your event or theme — school or team colors, corporate brand and logo palettes, showers, weddings — or simply the color combo that looks best on you (oh, it’s been done, for sure).


Regardless of your gifting reason — you don’t even need a reason as far as we’re concerned — rest assured that nothing is better than receiving (except maybe giving) a fresh basket full of our classic cookies to celebrate, acknowledge, commemorate and nurture friendship, love, pride, support, familial ties, good cheer, good wishes, best wishes, even better wishes, and great taste, of course. And many come packaged with cool combos of cookies, as well as favorite cookie companions like mugs and coffee — the complete gift-giving package.


Best of all, you can place your order knowing that our peanut free cookies are freshly baked, hand-iced and delivered straight to the lucky recipient, so there’s no need to put on a little red anything and go traipsing off through the wolf-infested woods by yourself — we do it for you!


Why? Because at, we make gift giving a virtual fairytale with a range of baskets sure to nourish your ailing grandmother, pamper your new mommy, delight your partner, excite your fellow celebrators, charm your coworkers, gratify your guests, entice your friends, soothe your accountant, satisfy your family, please your pastor, enhance your reputation or simply thank your woodsman — and they’re all guaranteed to get wolfed down!