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St. Patrick Day Cookies

St. Patrick Day Cookies

St. Patrick Day Cookies and Gift Baskets

Our Shamrock cookies are guaranteed to have Irish Eyes A Smiling!

**IMPORTANT NOTE** St Patrick's Day is just around the corner (3/17)-- please be sure to choose your delivery date during check out to guarantee your delivery on that day. We cannot guarantee a delivery date if one is not specified at check out. The last day to place an order for delivery 3/15 is 3/12-- expedited shipping may apply.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

St Patrick Day Cookies and Gift Baskets


What is better than finding a pot of gold at the other end of a rainbow? I’ll give you one hint, it involves a smile. That’s right! Our St. Patrick Day Cookies and Gift Baskets are guaranteed to have Irish Eyes A Smiling!


Let Smiley Cookie lead you through this green holiday of luck and happiness, never forget to smile!



Our St. Patrick Day Cookies weren’t eaten by the Irish of years past on St. Paddy’s day, but they’ve certainly become more than a tradition to families across many generations. A sugar cookie that honestly tastes SUPERB can’t possibly be overlooked.


When many begin to chow down on our beloved Shamrock cookies they fail to realize they aren’t just green cookies out of coincidence. The green cookies represent the green shamrock leaf that represents all things St. Patrick’s day, which also symbolizes Ireland as a country. Who knew these tasty treats could be more than just DELICIOUS, but meaningful as well!


These St. Paddy’s Day cookies are meant to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth on a holiday deeply connected to traditional values and outright fun! Shamrock Cookies bring add a little bit of color as well as helping you move closer and closer to a full stomach.


By the end of the holiday, you’ll be screaming “KISS ME I’M IRISH!” This holiday sit back, relax and enjoy St. Patrick Day cookies that taste wonderful and don’t require any effort on your part. When we say no effort, we aren’t counting the energy you have to put into eating these sweet treats, but we figured this is the best part of any lovable snack!