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Halloween Cookies & Treats

Halloween Cookies & Treats

Halloween Cookie Gift Baskets for Sale

Our Halloween cookies and Gift Baskets are perfect for Trick or Treaters, the best Halloween party cookie, or the spookiest Halloween gift box! Individually wrapped Halloween cookies available as well as bulk Halloween cookies. With Zombie cookies, Vampire cookies, Jack o lantern cookies, Alien cookies, Ghost Cookies or Frankenstein Cookies- you can't go wrong!

**IMPORTANT NOTE** - Most all of our cookies take 2 business days to bake, hand ice, wrap & send out. With the provided timeline we are not able to porivde cookies by 10/31 to any location. Please be sure to choose a delivery date at check out to view the dates that are acheivable. 

1 Item(s)

1 Item(s)

Our Halloween Cookie Gifts and Gift Baskets are so good, It’s SCAAARRRYYYYY!


Ask any ghoul or boy, when it comes to Halloween treats, the hallowed candy bar and popcorn ball can’t begin to hold a candle to our wickedly delicious Halloween cookies — and if they say otherwise, they are gravely mistaken!


It’s a proven fact that even Dracula himself counts on getting a Halloween cookie or two in his casket (or basket) on this auspicious eve, though sometimes it’s a bloody challenge — something he can really sink his teeth into.


That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to order your Halloween sugar cookies online here at With just a click you can send frighteningly sweet Halloween treats anywhere in the country, but beware. Once word gets out, you may be buried alive by requests for more. After all, they’re monstrously good.


Also, like all of our cookies, our Halloween treats and jack o lantern cookies are certified kosher  so you don't have to worry about scaring up and trouble when you're giving them out!


Crafted by our bewitching bakers (abra-cadaver!), who have sworn they’re not coffin up the recipe, our Halloween sugar cookies are made with the same hauntingly distinct quality and dreadfully delicious artistry as our Original Smileys. They are then costumed with classic candy corn and hand-iced in Jack o’ Lantern orange with a smile that is sure to bring even the deadest soul to life.


And our Halloween cookie gifts come in an array of combinations so you can be sure to dig up a perfect package to meet your treat needs. Make no bones about it, the trick is to order enough so you don’t run out — that’s sheer torture.


And while you’re here, why not take a look at our many other sinfully good  holiday cookies (a shape and smile for every celebration), as well as our spirited selection of cookie gift baskets, our cookies for every occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showers and the like). If there’s even a ghost of a chance that you might need to brew up a sweet something for someone else, now’s the time to decide witch you want.


Best of all, when you buy Halloween treats or any other cookie gift today, you can rest assured that your chosen recipients will be goblin them up in no time.