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Graduation Cookies and Baskets

Graduation Cookies

Custom Graduation Cookies and Graduation Gift Baskets show that smart cookie how much they mean to you! Nothing says "ConGRADulations!" like sending a bouquet to grad cookies to a recent graduate or an entire class

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30 Item(s)

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Graduation Cookies — A Smart Gift!


Graduation is a time of great joy and looking forward — a celebration of finish and a next step toward the future. But it’s hard to come up with good graduation gifts — a graduation present worthy of your tasseled transitioner.


You see where we’re going here, don’t you? After all, what could commemorate such an honorable commencement better than one of our graduation cookie gifts? OK, a trip to the Bahamas might be a little bit more coveted, but it doesn’t taste near as good and takes a lot more dough!


So, if you’re celebrating a graduation — any kind at all —  preschool, kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, law school, nursing school, vo-tech, animal husbandry, a master’s program, doctorate, medical degree or a certification in automotive technology, and looking for a graduation present, our graduation cookies will make your graduate’s success all the sweeter (you might want to throw in some cash, too).


You can even create your own Smiley cookies in school colors  to mark the path of ongoing education and ever-hungry minds.


Speaking of hungry, our graduation cookies are a great way to feed your graduate’s excitement for continuing his or her dream and also a great way to keep his or her friends enjoying their big day. The odds of leftovers are about as slim as the chance of having money after you pay the school loans!


Of course, our graduation cookies come in a colorful array of delightful combinations, allowing you to choose the gift that most expresses your pride in your graduate’s success. All you need do is select from our exciting line of graduation presents and click to order.


And when you click, know that your graduation cookies are freshly baked, hand-iced and delivered straight from our peanut free, kosher bakery to the lucky recipient — quicker than your graduate can expel that “F” in woodshop from his or her record.


Not that an “F” in woodshop is anything we note. All we do is concentrate on bringing you cookies worthy of a diploma — summa magna cum laude — and getting them to your graduation celebration as fresh and sweet as the fit of that cap and gown on the commencement lawn — the taste of a new beginning, the smile that means you’ve got class!