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Easter Cookies and Gift Baskets

Easter Cookies and Gift Baskets

Easter Cookies Delivered. Decorated Easter Bunny Cookies to Buy

**IMPORTANT NOTE**-- most all products on this page take 2 business days to bake, hand ice, wrap & send out-- any order placed on or after 3/28 will not deliver by 4/1.

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Our Sweet Easter Cookies — A Winning Basket

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, somebody’s got a new Easter dress and somebody else is decorating eggs like there’s no tomorrow. We love all of that, but what we love more is baking up Easter cookies that are sure to make you dribble — in a good way.


Yup, each and every one of our Easter Gift Baskets is a slam dunk when it comes to sending sweet, colorful Easter wishes to every last bunny on your list. On the rebound? Send one to your ex! Courting a new sweetheart? Send him or her one, too! Making a fast break? Say your goodbyes sweetly! Nobody’s out of bounds when it comes to celebrating the fresh beginnings that Easter brings.


And you can have our Easter cookies delivered — quick like a bunny — which means you get all the credit while we do all the hopping about. All you need do is select from our colorful line of Easter gift baskets with a variety of sweet surprises — bunny Smiley cookies, rich chocolate bunnies made with Sarris premium chocolate, classic marshmallow Peeps®, and sweet, fruity jelly beans, along with our famous original Smiley cookies — all busheled in a tradition wicker basket with pretty green “grass.” Or, simply send a dozen of our delightful bunny Easter cookies, which all by themselves, are eggceptional.


Best of all, you can place your order knowing that our Easter desserts are all they’re cracked up to be — freshly baked, hand-iced and delivered directly to the lucky receiver. We guarantee that they taste fresh as a spring day and even sweeter.


So if you’re a good egg, looking for a fresh way to celebrate the Easter holiday with loved ones at home or across the country, let us assist. We can have your Easter cookies delivered with a simple click. Now go on and hop to it!