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Administrative Professionals Day Gifts

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5 Item(s)

Administrative Assistants Day Cookie Gifts — What Could Be Sweeter?

Imagine running your office without a phone, a computer, a copy machine, a fax, a file cabinet, a supply closet, a stapler, a date book — for goodness sakes! It would be like trying to build the Taj Mahal with bubble gum. OK, so not really like that, but you get it.

And once more, you could have all those things, but without the person to run, juggle, answer, type, collate, organize, track, feed, order and get your Power Point presentation to show right-side-up on the screen, you’d be lost — like a polar bear in a snow storm. Not really, but you get it.

And we get it, too. That’s why we’re all about honoring the people that help make everyday business a breeze with an Administrative Professionals Day gift that’s sure to bring a smile!

This year, let your sweet side show and treat your right hand to an Administrative Assistants Day gift filled with our spectacular Smiley cookies in a colorful array of delightful combinations to communicate your admiration and gratitude.

All you need do is select from our exciting line of secretaries gift baskets (and yes, you have to place the order yourself; if you ask for help, it may take a little sweetness out of the surprise), including original Smiley cookies, Smiley Stars and more.

Best of all, you can place your order knowing that your Administrative Assistants Gift is full of our famous cookies — freshly baked, hand-iced and delivered straight to the office — quicker than you can say “rush” (not really, but you get it).

So this Administrative Assistant’s Day, let your star know that you couldn’t function alone (picture yourself ordering pizza and prizes for the company picnic, and how about those budget numbers?). Show who’s boss by having a Secretaries Day gift delivered, and then feel free to throw in a promotion or a raise. We would, if we could!