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Create Your Own Case of Wrapped Mini Smiley Cookies

   Order Your Custom, Wrapped Mini Smiley Cookies Today! Match Your Team's Colors For A Great Fundraiser Item! Bulk Wrapped Nut Free Cookies Available By The Case!

Customize A Case of 50 Nut Free, Individually Wrapped Smiley Cookies

  • Create Your Own Case of 50 Mini Football Smiley Cookies
  • Create Your Own Case of 50 Mini Heart Smiley Cookies
  • Create Your Own Case of 50 Wrapped Mini Smiley Cookies

Just click the color to select your cookie's base color.

Just click the color to select your cookie's smiley face color.

Shape:Create Your Own Case of 50 Mini Football Smiley Cookies, Base Color: No base, Face Color: White # of Cookies: 1


Create Your Own Wrapped, Nut Free Mini Cookies — For Fund-Raising, Weddings and other big events

We’re in the business of Sharing Smiles, and our individually wrapped, mini Smiley Cookies may be the best way to get a Smile out of anyone and everyone. Even better, we’ve made our famous wrapped mini Smiley Cookie available in custom shapes and colors. Featuring all of the qualities that make our mini Smileys amazing, they are nut free, kosher, individually wrapped for safe sharing and under 90 calories  – to say nothing about their cute appearance and super sweet taste!


Choose our Mini Football Smiley and match your favorite youth, high school, college or pro football team and use them for everything from fundraising for pee-wee football team to an item to sell at concession stands at your high school stadium. Also, they make perfect treats for a tailgate or when you have a large group over for the game.


Choose our mini heart shaped Smiley Cookie and you now have an amazing wedding favor everyone will love. Or choose your company’s colors and you now have the perfect employee gift that shows your staff how much you love them. Having a Valentine’s Day party? Order some heart cookies in your favorite colors that you can share with everyone.


Our Custom Wrapped Mini Cookies are available in cases of 50 with no maximum limit, so you can make everyone smile at your event, no matter how big the crowd.


Would you prefer a smaller amount of our custom cookies, more shape options or larger versions of our cookies? We have those available in orders of dozens at our Custom 4 Inch Cookie Page.


Happy Smile Sharing!