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Create Your Own Custom Cookie

Create Your Own, Starting At $15.99 A Dozen

  • Create Your Own Star Smiley - Gourmet Sugar Cookie
  • Create Your Own Flower Smiley - Gourmet Sugar Cookie
  • Create Your Own Original Smiley - Gourmet Sugar Cookie
  • Create Your Own Heart Smiley - Gourmet Sugar Cookie
  • Create Your Own Dozen Graduation Smileys - Graduation Cookies
  • Create Your Own Dozen Football Smiley Cookies

Just click the color to select your cookie's base color.

Just click the color to select your cookie's smiley face color.

Shape:Create Your Own Star Smiley - Gourmet Sugar Cookie, Base Color: No base, Face Color: White # of Cookies: 1


Custom Cookies — Customized Cookies that are Sweet

Would you prefer a large number of custom cookies or to have your cookies individually wrapped? Check out our Custom Wrapped Mini Smiley Cookie page where you can order cases of 50 wrapped, nut free, under 90 calorie Smiley Cookies that are perfect for events and sharing with large groups.


Are you always one to up the ante, raise the bar, set the sights and reach even higher? Are you singular, rare, diverse, with your own perspective, philosophy, character? Do you have your own logo, your own colors, or at least your own mailing address?


Then you are gonna love that you can now buy our Smiley custom cookies online! That’s right, with just a few clicks you can choose the color of your face and smile, and suddenly your Smileys are personalized cookies that signify your distinct identity — as an individual, a couple, a company — in color-coordinated, original style.


Tremendous for business meetings, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, reunions and a number of other sundry occasions, our custom cookie gifts add a personal touch to your signature affair and a delightful bite your party spread. Do everyone a favor and send a few home with them as a sweet reminder of your day!


And you can place your order knowing that all of our custom decorated cookies come as a sweet surprise, freshly baked by our devoted bakers, hand-iced and delivered directly to you or anyone else — a tasteful and unique presentation, indeed.


So why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? Order your custom cookies online today and enjoy the pleasure of expressing your exclusive brand of sweetness. If people call you a goody-good (goodies are good, aren’t they?) — so be it! At least they’ll be saying it with a smile!