Bulk Hanukkah Cookies - 50 Individually Wrapped Kosher Sugar Cookies

Bulk Hanukkah Cookies

Our Individually Wrapped Hanukkah Sugar cookies are certified Kosher by the the Orthodox Union and the prefect compliment to any holiday gathering!

This gift includes:

  - Fifty (50) individually wrapped 4 inch blue base Happy Hanukkah Smiley Cookies dipped in sugar crystals

All cookies are baked fresh and are also:

  - Nut Free (peanut and tree nut free)

  - Certified Kosher (OU – Dairy)


These cookies are baked fresh the weekday after the order is placed and then wrapped and shipped out the following weekday (for example if your order is placed on a Monday, they will be baked on Tuesday and wrapped and shipped out on Wednesday).


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Bulk Hanukkah Cookies

If you’re celebrating Hanukkah, then you have eight good reasons to buy our Individually Wrapped Hanukkah sugar cookies to share with family and friends. After all, every night of Hanukkah is one to be cherished and embraced, from the gathering together to light the menorah at sundown, to playing with the dreidel and the giving of Chanukah gelt — gifts of money — to children. The only thing children like more is a smile. And the only thing they like more than that is a sweet smile — clearly, we’ve got you covered! Certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (ou.org), all of our Smiley Hanukkah cookies bear a "hechsher," or the OU of the Orthodox Union, ensuring they meet the kosher standards of a supervising rabbi and making it easy to follow Jewish holiday traditions — eating kosher meals and giving kosher gifts. Our products, suppliers and manufacturers have been certified as meeting 100% of the guidelines as required by the Jewish religion and our cookie factory is an approved kosher bakery and regularly inspected by a rabbi. We’re nut-free, too, if that’s of concern. And our Hanukkah sugar cookies come in a ton of varieties and gift baskets so you can choose a different one every night. Select from classic Smiley cookies, stars, hearts, flowers, chocolate Smileys and more. Or send our Hanukkah sugar cookies to friends and relatives as a sweet surprise — happy, original, kosher and stupendously delicious, our cookies set the latest trend in Hanukkah celebrations. And so they should, as our Hanukkah sugar cookies are all baked fresh with only the finest ingredients by our devoted bakers, who want nothing more than to make your Hanukkah celebration sweet as can be. Then they are hand-packaged and sent immediately to anyone you choose with a joy that honors the Hanukkah spirit. Baked to bring a smile to faces young and old, and to help you keep a traditional kosher diet, our Hanukkah cookies are nothing short of a spectacular way to top off your Hanukkah meal. And don’t stop at Hanukkah. You can also select from our kosher gift baskets to celebrate Bar and Bat Mitzvah – kids love a Smiley — Passover, Purim and Rosh Hashanah! There’s no end, really to the sweet addition our kosher sugar cookies can make to your holiday celebrations!

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