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Pittsburgh Cookie Table

NEW Custom Wedding Cookies– Perfect for a Cookie Table!

Wondering how to have a cookie table at a wedding?

You’ve come to the right place! Here are 5 tips to creating the Perfect Cookie Table experience:

1) Assemble a Cookie Table Team: face it.. you can’t do it all by yourself… that just wouldn’t be fun!

Send out an invite to guests who may want to contribute to the Cookie Table Project– better yet– plead your favorite bakers to make their specialty cookies! There may be a squabble or two over who gets to make their famous buckeyes but in the end there are enough jobs at a Cookie table to go around! Baking, coordination, set up, arrangement, replenishment, maintenance and take down are just a few of the “responsibilities” your cookie team can assign. Don’t forget to suggest a list of a variety of cookies with different shapes and colors to really make the table sweet!


2) DO NOT run out of (A) Cookies & (B) SPACE!what is more upsetting? (A) An empty cookie table or (B) not having the cookies you made included in the arrangement?

(A) DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT run out of cookies at your cookie table! You will have a problem… Prepare for guests to look at your cookie table like they haven’t had anything to eat all day. Experts suggest >5 cookies per guest. 200 guests at 5 cookies each…. 80+ dozen cookies!

(B) Bring extra tables and linens! I have personally experienced delicious cookies go untouched because they never even made it to the extremely cramped table. Do you feel for the poor untouched & forgotten cookies? Think of their poor creator!


 3) Cookie Table Take-Out: Provide take-home containers for guests as a party favor!

If you provide every guest with their own take-out cookie table container you will not have left over cookies. I assure you. Want to keep all the left overs for yourself? Impossible! People are sure to sneak a few cookies out of the building. Individually wrapping your cookies is also another easy & great way for your guests to enjoy their treats another day! **IMPORTANT CAVEAT** do not forget an extra big take-out box for the hosts family!


4) SIGNS & LABELSevery table AND cookie has a story– Share it!

A big sign that screams “COOKIE TABLE HERE!” cannot go unnoticed. Use the extra space on the sign to discuss a little about the historical ties or familial stories pertaining to the cookie table. Label the name of cookies on your table as well as their baker’s name– you can even have a small snippet about the history of the cookie and its importance in the life of the table’s host. Also, the sign is a great chance to explicitly state– “PLEASE TAKE SOME WITH YOU-FILL A BOX FOR HOME! ”   **Side Note** Make sure to label any cookie with the necessary allergen information. Using nut free cookies is your safest bet to have a worry free time!


5)NOT JUST COOKIES!: Candy, Cupcakes and Coffee… Oh My!

Do not let history dictate what can and cannot include in your cookie table… it is yours after all! Include some candy, cupcakes, coffee, milk, tea and other various beverages and sweets with your cookie table. Chocolate fountain anyone? Better yet.. have an oven on hand? Have a DIY cookie baking and icing table! the youngsters will love it.



Interested in reading more about Cookie Tables? check out our Cookie Table History & Tradition post. 

Does the cookie table sound intimidating yet? Don’t fear! Invite SmileyCookie to your Cookie Table and have one less cookie to worry about! Our cookies are kosher and nut free with bulk availability, individually wrapped, and custom color options (THE perfect easy take-home party favor!)





Pittsburgh Wedding Cookie Table

NEW Custom Wedding Cookies– Perfect for a Cookie Table!

The wedding cookie table tradition is a phenomena deeply ingrained within the Pittsburgh wedding culture. Various historical sources state that the origin of the cookie table varies. Some sources believe that it originated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, while others argue soulfully that it all began in Youngstown, Ohio.

What is known is that the cookie table became popular in the industrial era and Great Depression– seen as a response to growing financial uncertainty and an avenue for the rise in cultural expression and growing family ties.

Currently the cookie table tradition is thriving in Pittsburgh & Youngstown but is also found at various weddings, graduations, and other celebrations across: New York, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey.

For those of you who have never experienced a cookie table, expect to find the more common types of wedding cookies: peanut butter blossoms, buckeyes, lady locks, fruit horns and nut caps; arranged daintily upon a buffet sized table. The more “personal”  cookies like Nonna-made pizzelles, Babcia’s sweet kolackis, or Yia Yia’s ever-sought-after baklava will be coveted and may only be available in a limited supply– so take it from a cookie professional… enjoy them FAST!

So… BIG question… how many cookies at a cookie table is too many? That is totally up to you– the beauty of the cookie table! Wedding Cookie Tables average >5 cookies per attendee. For a party of 200 people you should expect to see near 80 dozen cookies!  If one is convinced after such statistic that they will have cookies left over… introducing… the second greatest phenomena next to cookie table culture… the cookie table attendee’s ”take-home” box! Best party favor idea ever, right?



Are you thinking about having your own cookie table? Check out the Cookie Table: How To post– and also… invite SmileyCookie to your cookie table! All of our cookies are nut free, kosher and available in bulk! Individually wrapped & color customization options are available.





When you think of Pittsburgh traditions, there are a  few things that usually jump to the front of your thoughts:

  • The Terrible Towel
  • People in Steeler’s gear, regardless of season or solemnity of occasion
  • Pierogies
  • Chair parking space holders

But there’s one more thing that makes ‘Burghers famous throughout the rest of the country: Wedding Cookies.

“But wait,” the unknowing non-Burgher might say, “People eat CAKE at weddings.”

True.  But while the traditional wedding cake still retains its touted position and remains a wonderful source of candid, frosting-smeared photos, the mighty cookie table often completely overshadows it.

The History of the Wedding Cookie Tradition

There are as many theories as to why we are such a cookie-loving people as there are types of cookies adorning the table at even the simplest of Pittsburgh weddings.

Necessity as the Mother of (delicious) Invention?

The wedding cookie tradition could have been born of necessity. As the steel mills closed down – and Pittsburghers began to tighten their collective belts, lavish wedding cakes were probably one of the first things to go.  Many a bride’s disappointment must have eased as her entire family pitched in for days (sometimes weeks) to bake and freeze a dizzying array of traditional wedding cookies for the big event. In many ways, baking the wedding cookies is as meaningful for the mother of the bride as it is for the bride herself!

A Cultural Melting Pot

Much of Pittsburgh’s population descends from hardworking immigrants who came to Pittsburgh in search of industrial work. There’s a strong possibility that the wedding cookie tradition came with them. Pinpointing which ethnicity made the tradition popular would be nearly impossible.  The credit for the Pittsburgh wedding cookie table is most often given to the Mediterranean and Eastern European cultural influences in this area.

The Popularity of Wedding Cookies

Regardless of where the wedding cookie table originated, it has certainly transcended its origins and has been embraced by an entire region of America. Though Pittsburgh is well known for it, the tradition is also prevalent in Ohio and parts of West Virginia and Virginia.  Articles on where to get custom wedding cookies that match the wedding color schemes are popping up in high-end bridal magazines and people across the country are starting to adopt the tradition.

There is definitely something very warm and inviting about packing up dozens of cookies to send home with guests as edible reminders of a fantastic and memorable evening. It’s no wonder the wedding cookie tradition is still strong and growing!

We’d love to see pictures of your wedding cookie tables! Feel free to upload them in the comments section!

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