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Pittsburgh Cookie Table

NEW Custom Wedding Cookies– Perfect for a Cookie Table!

Wondering how to have a cookie table at a wedding?

You’ve come to the right place! Here are 5 tips to creating the Perfect Cookie Table experience:

1) Assemble a Cookie Table Team: face it.. you can’t do it all by yourself… that just wouldn’t be fun!

Send out an invite to guests who may want to contribute to the Cookie Table Project– better yet– plead your favorite bakers to make their specialty cookies! There may be a squabble or two over who gets to make their famous buckeyes but in the end there are enough jobs at a Cookie table to go around! Baking, coordination, set up, arrangement, replenishment, maintenance and take down are just a few of the “responsibilities” your cookie team can assign. Don’t forget to suggest a list of a variety of cookies with different shapes and colors to really make the table sweet!


2) DO NOT run out of (A) Cookies & (B) SPACE!what is more upsetting? (A) An empty cookie table or (B) not having the cookies you made included in the arrangement?

(A) DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT run out of cookies at your cookie table! You will have a problem… Prepare for guests to look at your cookie table like they haven’t had anything to eat all day. Experts suggest >5 cookies per guest. 200 guests at 5 cookies each…. 80+ dozen cookies!

(B) Bring extra tables and linens! I have personally experienced delicious cookies go untouched because they never even made it to the extremely cramped table. Do you feel for the poor untouched & forgotten cookies? Think of their poor creator!


 3) Cookie Table Take-Out: Provide take-home containers for guests as a party favor!

If you provide every guest with their own take-out cookie table container you will not have left over cookies. I assure you. Want to keep all the left overs for yourself? Impossible! People are sure to sneak a few cookies out of the building. Individually wrapping your cookies is also another easy & great way for your guests to enjoy their treats another day! **IMPORTANT CAVEAT** do not forget an extra big take-out box for the hosts family!


4) SIGNS & LABELSevery table AND cookie has a story– Share it!

A big sign that screams “COOKIE TABLE HERE!” cannot go unnoticed. Use the extra space on the sign to discuss a little about the historical ties or familial stories pertaining to the cookie table. Label the name of cookies on your table as well as their baker’s name– you can even have a small snippet about the history of the cookie and its importance in the life of the table’s host. Also, the sign is a great chance to explicitly state– “PLEASE TAKE SOME WITH YOU-FILL A BOX FOR HOME! ”   **Side Note** Make sure to label any cookie with the necessary allergen information. Using nut free cookies is your safest bet to have a worry free time!


5)NOT JUST COOKIES!: Candy, Cupcakes and Coffee… Oh My!

Do not let history dictate what can and cannot include in your cookie table… it is yours after all! Include some candy, cupcakes, coffee, milk, tea and other various beverages and sweets with your cookie table. Chocolate fountain anyone? Better yet.. have an oven on hand? Have a DIY cookie baking and icing table! the youngsters will love it.



Interested in reading more about Cookie Tables? check out our Cookie Table History & Tradition post. 

Does the cookie table sound intimidating yet? Don’t fear! Invite SmileyCookie to your Cookie Table and have one less cookie to worry about! Our cookies are kosher and nut free with bulk availability, individually wrapped, and custom color options (THE perfect easy take-home party favor!)





Pittsburgh Wedding Cookie Table

NEW Custom Wedding Cookies– Perfect for a Cookie Table!

The wedding cookie table tradition is a phenomena deeply ingrained within the Pittsburgh wedding culture. Various historical sources state that the origin of the cookie table varies. Some sources believe that it originated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, while others argue soulfully that it all began in Youngstown, Ohio.

What is known is that the cookie table became popular in the industrial era and Great Depression– seen as a response to growing financial uncertainty and an avenue for the rise in cultural expression and growing family ties.

Currently the cookie table tradition is thriving in Pittsburgh & Youngstown but is also found at various weddings, graduations, and other celebrations across: New York, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey.

For those of you who have never experienced a cookie table, expect to find the more common types of wedding cookies: peanut butter blossoms, buckeyes, lady locks, fruit horns and nut caps; arranged daintily upon a buffet sized table. The more “personal”  cookies like Nonna-made pizzelles, Babcia’s sweet kolackis, or Yia Yia’s ever-sought-after baklava will be coveted and may only be available in a limited supply– so take it from a cookie professional… enjoy them FAST!

So… BIG question… how many cookies at a cookie table is too many? That is totally up to you– the beauty of the cookie table! Wedding Cookie Tables average >5 cookies per attendee. For a party of 200 people you should expect to see near 80 dozen cookies!  If one is convinced after such statistic that they will have cookies left over… introducing… the second greatest phenomena next to cookie table culture… the cookie table attendee’s ”take-home” box! Best party favor idea ever, right?



Are you thinking about having your own cookie table? Check out the Cookie Table: How To post– and also… invite SmileyCookie to your cookie table! All of our cookies are nut free, kosher and available in bulk! Individually wrapped & color customization options are available.





The Pirates are on the cusp of clinching their first winning season in twenty years and the Smiley Cookie Team is helping you celebrate with a new cookie gift that lets you Bury The Streak!

All you have to do is share your worst memory of the past 20 years of being a Pirates fan and you could win one of new cookie gifts specifically designed for celebrating the Buccos first season with a winning record since 1992!

Here’s how to enter:

  • On Facebook: Post your worst Pirates memory on the wall of our Facebook Page.
  • On Twitter: Tweet your memory with the hashtag #BuryTheStreak

Here’s more about what you could win:

Our brand new Bury The Streak Pittsburgh Pirates Gift Pack!

Our Bury The Streak Gift Pack is the perfect gift for the long suffering Pittsburgh Pirates fan who has faithfully rooted for them through the past 20 years!

It includes:

- Twenty 2.5 inch round Pirate Smiley Cookies (one for each losing season) in an 13” x 8” Black Coffin

- All cookies are individually wrapped, nut free, kosher and under 100 calories

- One 3 foot by 5 foot Jolly Roger Pirate Flag

- Free Gift Message

Bury the Pirates past struggles and Raise The Jolly Roger to celebrate their present and future with this one-of-a-kind gift perfect for any die-hard Pirates fan!

We’ll pick three of our favorite memories Friday at lunch and send them this awesome cookie gift!


It’s Friday afternoon and that means that it’s time for another #StarSmile Contest! All you have to do is guess the name of the celebrity whose smile is pictured below and you’ll be automatically entered to win a dozen Smiley Cookies.

You can enter by tweeting your answer @Smileycookie with the tag #StarSmile or by leaving a guess in the comments section of the StarSmile post on our Facebook page. At stake is a dozen of our Famous Smiley Cookies that we’ll deliver fresh to your door.


Guess as often as you like and we’ll keep adding hints on Facebook and Twitter every now and then to help you out. We’ll randomly draw the winner from everyone who guessed correctly at 3 PM today. We’ve got another tough one for you, so don’t hesitate to use the social media buttons to share with your friends and ask for some  help.


But enough of the contest mumbo jumbo, can you tell us who this famous smile belongs to?

Name the celeb behind this smile and you could win a dozen delicious Smiley Cookies delivered fresh to your door!

Name the celeb behind this smile and you could win a dozen delicious Smiley Cookies delivered fresh to your door!

Ed Harkins, E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

Ed Harkins, E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

Name: Ed Harkins

Position:   E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA

School:  Duquesne University

Family:  Four brothers, a sister and two dogs

Hobbies:  Running, Reading, Cheering for the Pirates, Penguins, Steelers , etc., and watching movies

Favorite Smiley cookie design:  I’d love to see an old school Lemieux Smiley with a hockey helmet and a mullet.

The best thing about working for is:  Being able to say “I’m working at the Cookie Factory today”.

Favorite quote:  “Well for me, the future is already a thing of the past” – Bob Dylan

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Want to send cookies as gift items to friends at a distance? Need kosher cookies delivered to a friend or family member observing a holiday? It’s simple and easy to do when you observe a few guidelines. They will insure your yummy baked goods won’t arrive looking like a rubble of fragrant crumbs when the box reaches its destination.


Packing Cookies for Delivery

If you pack with care, your cookies will arrive in unharmed, fresh and delicious.

Knowing what to ship is as important as knowing how to ship it. The heartier items to ship include pound cakes, cookies, fruitcakes, brownies, rum balls, the moister types of quick breads, Italian biscotti, shortbread type cookies, sugar cookies and chewy cookies like peanut butter cookies. There’s an old baker’s trick that says you should include a slice of apple to help all types of cookies stay fresh. Others suggest including a slice of bread.


You should steer clear of moist fillings or frosting. It’s a good idea to package batches of cookies together to help preserve their own attributes. Small items should be packed tightly to prevent shifting and damage. Remember that the gifts you are sending are perishable. An airtight container is always a wise idea. Simple store-brand zip-top packaging or containers will do. There are festive ones at Christmastime for gift-giving. There are Jewish holiday themed ones available for the appropriate holiday. For instance, these containers are perfect for when you need kosher cookies delivered.


Tall, round potato chip cans can be useful to ship rolled-type cookies. Parchment paper is a good gap-filler inside airtight packages. A cookie gift basket may be placed in bubble wrap and slipped inside a sturdy box which is then inserted into the outer shipping container.


Once your baked gifts are inside the shipping container, fill the open spaces around your items with packing materials to prevent them from shifting around. These packing materials can include bubble wrap, packing peanuts and plain air-popped popcorn. You can never have too much packing material.


Whether you want to send cookies as gift treats to a friend out of town or ship baked goods to a loved one far from home, by using these methods you can be sure they won’t find out which way the cookies crumble.


At, you can send cookies to anyone in the US or to military personnel overseas and guarantee that they will arrive 100% fresh and intact. We have gifts for any occasion (get well soon cookies, congratulations cookies baskets, etc.) and cookies for any holiday. Also, you can create your own custom cookie in the shape and color that best matches your school, team, organization or personal style. All of our cookies are certified kosher, peanut and tree-nut free and guaranteed to to shop up at their destination fresh and delicious without you having to worry about baking or packing.


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Do you love smiley cookies? How about Well if you love as much as we do please click on the image below and nominate us to be part of StellaService.

StellaService’s mission is to bring transparency to the online shopping market, and help consumers find the best online shopping experience possible.

It’s that time again! Our Stars Smile Competition is back! Here’s how to win your box of 1 dozen Smiley Cookies:

Guess whose smiling lips are pictured below then go onto Twitter ( and answer @SmileyCookie with the #StarSmile hashtag. We’ll pick a random winner and then we’ll send you your prize: 12 delicious SmileyCookies, fresh baked just for you.

Now, without further ado, here’s this weeks Star Smile:

Celeb Smile 4.8.11

Recognize this smile?

Wednesday Deal of Week – Two Dozen Pirates Smileys

With the Home Opener just around the corner and the Buccos off to strong start, it is the perfect time to order some Pirates Smileys for your tailgate party or for your favorite fan who lives outside of Pittsburgh.

Pirates Smiley Cookie Deal of the Week

Two Dozen Pirates Smiley Cookies for just $19.98!

This week, we’ve made it easier to share these black and gold, eye patch wearing treats with your friends and family as two dozen of these beauties are only $19.98 (plus shipping). Order today because this offer expires Wednesday, April 13th!

Let’s Go Bucs!

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