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Pittsburgh Cookie Table

NEW Custom Wedding Cookies– Perfect for a Cookie Table!

Wondering how to have a cookie table at a wedding?

You’ve come to the right place! Here are 5 tips to creating the Perfect Cookie Table experience:

1) Assemble a Cookie Table Team: face it.. you can’t do it all by yourself… that just wouldn’t be fun!

Send out an invite to guests who may want to contribute to the Cookie Table Project– better yet– plead your favorite bakers to make their specialty cookies! There may be a squabble or two over who gets to make their famous buckeyes but in the end there are enough jobs at a Cookie table to go around! Baking, coordination, set up, arrangement, replenishment, maintenance and take down are just a few of the “responsibilities” your cookie team can assign. Don’t forget to suggest a list of a variety of cookies with different shapes and colors to really make the table sweet!


2) DO NOT run out of (A) Cookies & (B) SPACE!what is more upsetting? (A) An empty cookie table or (B) not having the cookies you made included in the arrangement?

(A) DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT run out of cookies at your cookie table! You will have a problem… Prepare for guests to look at your cookie table like they haven’t had anything to eat all day. Experts suggest >5 cookies per guest. 200 guests at 5 cookies each…. 80+ dozen cookies!

(B) Bring extra tables and linens! I have personally experienced delicious cookies go untouched because they never even made it to the extremely cramped table. Do you feel for the poor untouched & forgotten cookies? Think of their poor creator!


 3) Cookie Table Take-Out: Provide take-home containers for guests as a party favor!

If you provide every guest with their own take-out cookie table container you will not have left over cookies. I assure you. Want to keep all the left overs for yourself? Impossible! People are sure to sneak a few cookies out of the building. Individually wrapping your cookies is also another easy & great way for your guests to enjoy their treats another day! **IMPORTANT CAVEAT** do not forget an extra big take-out box for the hosts family!


4) SIGNS & LABELSevery table AND cookie has a story– Share it!

A big sign that screams “COOKIE TABLE HERE!” cannot go unnoticed. Use the extra space on the sign to discuss a little about the historical ties or familial stories pertaining to the cookie table. Label the name of cookies on your table as well as their baker’s name– you can even have a small snippet about the history of the cookie and its importance in the life of the table’s host. Also, the sign is a great chance to explicitly state– “PLEASE TAKE SOME WITH YOU-FILL A BOX FOR HOME! ”   **Side Note** Make sure to label any cookie with the necessary allergen information. Using nut free cookies is your safest bet to have a worry free time!


5)NOT JUST COOKIES!: Candy, Cupcakes and Coffee… Oh My!

Do not let history dictate what can and cannot include in your cookie table… it is yours after all! Include some candy, cupcakes, coffee, milk, tea and other various beverages and sweets with your cookie table. Chocolate fountain anyone? Better yet.. have an oven on hand? Have a DIY cookie baking and icing table! the youngsters will love it.



Interested in reading more about Cookie Tables? check out our Cookie Table History & Tradition post. 

Does the cookie table sound intimidating yet? Don’t fear! Invite SmileyCookie to your Cookie Table and have one less cookie to worry about! Our cookies are kosher and nut free with bulk availability, individually wrapped, and custom color options (THE perfect easy take-home party favor!)





Pittsburgh Wedding Cookie Table

NEW Custom Wedding Cookies– Perfect for a Cookie Table!

The wedding cookie table tradition is a phenomena deeply ingrained within the Pittsburgh wedding culture. Various historical sources state that the origin of the cookie table varies. Some sources believe that it originated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, while others argue soulfully that it all began in Youngstown, Ohio.

What is known is that the cookie table became popular in the industrial era and Great Depression– seen as a response to growing financial uncertainty and an avenue for the rise in cultural expression and growing family ties.

Currently the cookie table tradition is thriving in Pittsburgh & Youngstown but is also found at various weddings, graduations, and other celebrations across: New York, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey.

For those of you who have never experienced a cookie table, expect to find the more common types of wedding cookies: peanut butter blossoms, buckeyes, lady locks, fruit horns and nut caps; arranged daintily upon a buffet sized table. The more “personal”  cookies like Nonna-made pizzelles, Babcia’s sweet kolackis, or Yia Yia’s ever-sought-after baklava will be coveted and may only be available in a limited supply– so take it from a cookie professional… enjoy them FAST!

So… BIG question… how many cookies at a cookie table is too many? That is totally up to you– the beauty of the cookie table! Wedding Cookie Tables average >5 cookies per attendee. For a party of 200 people you should expect to see near 80 dozen cookies!  If one is convinced after such statistic that they will have cookies left over… introducing… the second greatest phenomena next to cookie table culture… the cookie table attendee’s ”take-home” box! Best party favor idea ever, right?



Are you thinking about having your own cookie table? Check out the Cookie Table: How To post– and also… invite SmileyCookie to your cookie table! All of our cookies are nut free, kosher and available in bulk! Individually wrapped & color customization options are available.





This fall season, why not take a break from the ordinary?  It’s time to create an unforgettable Halloween for your little visitors with special Halloween treats straight from the bakery of Eat’N Park’s favorite Smiley Cookies.  This year, we’re pleased to feature our nut free individually wrapped 2.5 inch Halloween Smiley Cookies for your little trick-or-treaters delight.  What could be better this year than fresh-baked, handmade sugar cookies, decorated for the season and straight from the bakeries of Smiley Cookies?

Wrapped Halloween Cookies Are perfect For Trick Or Treaters

Our Wrapped Halloween Cookies Are Perfect For Trick Or Treaters. You can buy them from in cases of 40, 80 or 160 Halloween Cookies!

In vivid orange, sporting green eyebrows and squiggly little mischievous smiles, these Halloween cookies will delight the souls of your little trick-or-treaters.  Take a break from the mass produced candy and make this year special.  We’re featuring quite the ultimate this October for true Halloween spirit and tastiness.


Our Mini Halloween Cookies Are Guaranteed To Make Trick Or Treaters Smile!

Check Out Our Mini Halloween Cookies. These Little Guys Are Guaranteed To Make Trick Or Treaters Smile!


Nut-Free & Kid Friendly

Need a treat where you don’t have to worry about disturbing a little kid’s night by triggering a bad allergy?  Our Wrapped Halloween Smiley Cookies are 100% allergy free, with no nuts included for safe treat consumption.  Plus, our hand-baked Smiley Halloween cookies come individually wrapped, so you can simply grab a few and toss in the open bags waiting outside your door.  Baked with the same handmade care as the original Smiley Cookie, these delicious seasonal treats will delight your visitors (and yourself, if there are any leftover).  Plus, you know you’re not filling the treat bags with junk food, either.  With low calories involved (under 100), it’s a fun, delicious treat for anyone, especially the little trick-or-treaters that come knocking this Halloween.

Feel the peace of knowing you’ve left nothing up to chance this year.  Our fresh baked Halloween cookies are not only peanut-free, but they’re made in a nut free facility.  Experience a delicious cookie baked in a pristine environment where no nuts have been stored.  Plus, our Wrapped Halloween Smiley Cookies are Kosher Dairy, approved by the Orthodox Union.


An Unforgettable Halloween!

Our Wrapped Halloween Smiley Cookies are the perfect treat to give away to your little visitors on Halloween night. Why hand out tiny, mass produced candy when you can give them a handmade sugar cookie that is guaranteed safe to share, and under 100 calories?  Make this Halloween one to remember when you offer fresh baked smiley face cookies to your little guests.  Your little trick-or-treaters will never forget the visit to your house and the unique specialty treats you put in their hands, among the myriads of tiny generic chewables that everyone else handed out.  Just make sure you have a couple dozen Halloween cookies on hand when all their friends come clamoring to your door for a share in the freshly baked Halloween treats!  And don’t forget to save a batch or two for you and your family to relish.

Revive the Halloween spirit this year with a delicious, hand-baked treat for the season from Smiley Cookie with our 2.5 inch tall mini Halloween Smiley Cookies.  Under 100 calories, these Halloween treats with plenty of assorted choices in Halloween gifts are the perfect choices for everyone on your list.  We’ve got a selection for everyone, too.  From those out-of-state family members, little trick-or-treaters, or that special someone, what could be a better choice in Halloween gifts than a dozen golden Halloween pumpkin cookies, or an assorted batch of Jack O Lantern and gourmet chocolate cookies?  We’re not sure.  Keep reading to find out all we have to offer this Halloween season.

Halloween Cookie Gift

Our Coffin of Cookies features 24 individually wrapped, nut free Halloween cookies that would look great at your desk, on your porch or anywhere you want to spread some Halloween cheer!

Halloween Cookies: The Perfect Treat

If a combination of Halloween pumpkin faces and the original sugar cookies from Smiley Cookie isn’t something special, we don’t know what is.  Delight your guests and their palates with an original tray of cookies from our Halloween smiley cookies assortment.  The trick is most definitely in the treat for these delicious goodies.  There’s something for everyone!

  • Kids: Your little trick-or-treaters will love the individually wrapped Jack O’ Lantern shaped mini gourmet Smiley Cookies.  These Halloween cookies will have them jumping for joy.  They’re the perfect treat for serving the little ones at a party, handing out to trick-or-treaters, putting in a school lunch, or bringing to a seasonal sports team or youth group.  The possibilities are endless!  One case provides 40, 80 or 160 cookies for a large amount of delicious treats.
Halloween Treats for Kids

Our nut free, individually wrapped Jack O Lantern cookies are the perfect Halloween treat to give away at a Halloween party, parade or share at your workplace, a classroom or during Trick or Treating!


  • Grown-ups: Hosting a party this year?  Your Halloween Smiley Cookies will be the talk of the table.  From a Halloween cookie bouquet complete with orange pumpkin face sugar Smiley Cookies to a sugar cookie assortment, we’ve got everything you need to make the grown-ups smile and reach for more.  Costumed with candy corn, eerie Halloween grins in the spirit of the season, and bright, fun colors, these treats will make for an unforgettable Halloween holiday party.

Surprise Them: Gift Baskets & More

If you like to hand out Halloween gifts, we’ve got you covered.  Smiley Cookies is featuring four different sugar cookie collections this October that come complete with gift baskets decorated for the season.  We’ve got a 24 cookie gift basket with 12 Jack O’ Lanterns and 12 gourmet chocolate cookies that anyone on your list will positively love.  If you’d rather skip the chocolate, you can go straight for an original sugar cookie batch complete with gift basket, decorated with candy corn faces and eerie Halloween grins to delight the recipient. You can even mix it up a little with a gift basket contain 6 original smileys and 6 Halloween cookies.  And that’s not all: for the ultimate cookie eater, choose the 36-cookie assortment including pumpkin faces and gourmet chocolate cookies.

From basket to individual batch, our Halloween Cookies come in a size and package that is perfect for your Halloween-lovers.  Choose from gift baskets, individual dozens, and cases of cookies that are sure to make anyone smile this Halloween.

If you, your relative, or a friend you know experience any form of peanut allergy, you know just how pesky it can get finding delicious treats while at the same time staying far away from peanuts.  Not only are you avoiding peanuts, but you’re avoiding anything processed in the same production line with peanuts.  Your taste buds are craving that delicious buttery treat, but you have to turn away in disappointment when you read the ingredient list.  Know the feeling?

You can give a heart shaped Smiley to your loved ones without having to worry your heart about allergies since they are peanut free!

You can give one of heart shaped Smileys to your loved ones without having to worry your heart about allergies since they are peanut free!

At Smiley Cookies, we have a peanut free bakery we’ve designed just for you.  And we’ve created the dream treat for the peanut allergy sufferer: peanut free snacks, delicious cookies and gift baskets from our Smiley line that are peanut free.  And when we say peanut free, we mean it.  Not only is there absolutely no trace of peanut ingredient, but we haven’t even baked these goodies in the same room as all the other peanut-containing snacks.  Anyone who suffers with a peanut allergy knows they can’t even touch something that could be possibly cross-contaminated with a peanut, or else they could risk a violent reaction.  Smiley Cookie’s peanut free bakery is a peanut free environment.

We know just how tasty our treats are—our buyers can’t get enough!  And we’re not going to exclude anyone with a peanut allergy.  Instead, we’ve created a special peanut free treat just for you.  Shop now at Smiley Cookie by an entire category of no-nut cookie treats.  That means anything you want on that page is safe for you to eat.

Here’s a few of the nut-free fun and tasty peanut free snacks we’ve concocted just for you.

Original Smiley Cookies: When was the last time you had a fresh-baked, original flavored Smiley cookie?  Now, you can have one anytime without risking a nut allergy reaction!  Our tasty tray of one dozen nut-free one-and-only original Smiley Cookies are sure to put a smile on your face.

Nut Free Cookie Gift Baskets: These come in all kinds: with a travel mug, in a flower basket, or as a get well package.  If you know a friend with a nut allergy who is under the weather, this is the perfect treat: a tasty dessert they can enjoy without a single worry of worsening their health.  These Smiley cookies come in flower baskets that are sure to make the heart happy!

Create a customized treat for a group of kids by picking the colors and shape of your Smiley. Since they're nut free, they're safe to share with everyone!

Create a customized treat for a group of kids by picking the colors and shape of your Smiley. Since they're nut free, they're safe to share with everyone!

Next time your child goes to school, pack a dozen original smiley peanut free cookies away in his or her lunch without risking a peanut allergy.  It’s the perfect go-to classroom or lunch snack for a child suffering from a peanut allergy.  Or design a customized cookie in the shape and colors of your kid’s school or favorite team that you will know is safe for sharing. Of course, you can tuck some in your bag for a quick, peanut free snack at work too.

With just a month to go before our nation’s next Independence Day rolls around, we’re sure you’re already thinking of how to celebrate the day.  Whether that’s with a traditional barbecue, nightly show of fireworks, bonfire, or camping.  And if you’re reading this, chances are desserts and goodies can be the least of your worries.  When it comes to the treat department, we’ve got the thinking covered: Smiley cookies is now offering delicious 4th of July cookies that come as patriotic symbols of our nation’s freedom in a tasty batch of red, white and blue cookies.  What better tasty, festive treat to offer your guests and family this 4th of July?

Our 4th of July Cookies will brighten up any Independence Day BBQ, Party or Fireworks Show!

Our 4th of July Cookies will brighten up any Independence Day BBQ, Party or Fireworks Show!

Smiley Cookie’s patriotic 4th of July cookies make the perfect addition to any 4th of July party, from a picnic to a barbeque.  Enjoy a plate of our freshly baked red, white and blue cookies out on the lawn watching the fireworks at night, or take them to the campground over the weekend for a delicious treat.

Our entire lineup of patriotic cookie gifts is sure to get the salivary glands going.  Pick from a tray of one dozen star shaped red and blue Smiley cookies, or choose from a tray of one dozen smiles in a Starlight Combo of both star-shaped and original Smiley Cookies.

Our Stars and Smiles Gift Basket is big enough to spread 4th of July Smiles to an entire family and more!

Our Stars and Smiles Gift Basket is big enough to spread 4th of July Smiles to an entire family and more!

How about an entire gift set to bring to your family’s cookout with our Stars and Smiles Gift Basket?  One dozen star Smiley cookies, a dozen original Smiley Cookies, and an irresistible starry gift basket to hold everything is just what you need.  We have two gift basket versions including one that makes a Congratulation statement for those special occasions besides 4th of July. Hand-iced and baked to golden perfection, our cookies are not only festive, they’re tremendously delicious!

Personalize It!

What’s even better than a fun batch of red, white and blue cookies for a 4th of July treat?  A personalized Create-Your-Own-Smiley-Cookie!  Starting at just $15.99 for one dozen, we’re allowing customers to design their own batch of 4th of July cookies, right over the Internet.  Choose your cookie shape (mix and match options available!), icing color, and smiley face color.  We have all the shades of the rainbow so you can make your cookie tray pop with individuality, style and fun.  Make your 4th of July barbecue one that your family, neighbors and friends won’t forget with personalized Smiley Cookies!

No matter what treat you choose to purchase, you’ll be enjoying the freshly baked taste of our Smiley Cookies.  This is a treat no one in the family, friend or neighbor list will be able to beat.  Your 4th of July cookies will steal the show.  And if you’re enjoying a night in with the family watching the fireworks, enjoy smiles all around the table when you bring out a festive tray of our red, white and blue cookies.  Once everyone takes a bit, the smiles get even bigger!

Sometimes it’s easier than you think to find a perfect gift.  This June 17th, here’s an idea: instead of stressing yourself and trying to overdo it, make Father’s Day easy with a simple, tasty gift of Father’s Day Cookies.  You know already that a gift basket for Dad will never be returned to the store, especially if it has signature Smiley Cookies emblazoned with fun, special messages like “Happy Father’s Day” or “#1 Dad”.

Still not convinced a soft, chewy cookie with icing on top is the best idea?  Here are 5 reasons why Dad thinks otherwise—and why a few simple Father’s Day preparation will lead to a great gift.

Reason #1: Everyone likes cookies.  Remember that Father’s Day you bought Dad a necktie?  He still doesn’t wear it, right?  Although he may have proclaimed his delight the minute you presented it to him, making you feel fuzzy inside, that gift was not the best idea.  And if it wasn’t a necktie, most of us have memories of gifts that went wrong.  You know one thing for sure when you’re considering the alternative of our cookie treats for Dad.  Everyone, from Dad to the people he shares his gift with, will find our Father’s Day cookies or a special assembly of Smiley Cookies collected in a beautiful gift basket for Dad truly delightful.  (Don’t expect him to share too much on this one.)

Reason #2: Easy to do, uncomplicated for you.  Planning a big event for Dad’s day could end in disaster if the caterer doesn’t show up.  Don’t stress out and plan too much for a Father’s Day celebration when you could be ordering a tray of Father’s Day cookies online that will be delivered to your doorstep.  This might not be in the traditional Father’s Day past, but it’s the present and it’s time to give yourself (and Dad) a break here.

Sending an awesome Father's Day Gift is easy with!

Sending an awesome Father's Day Gift is easy with!


Reason #3: He’s a picky person. Skip this point and go to the next one if Dad is an easy-going, free-for-all kinda guy.  But most Dads who have raised their household (including you) have their firm choices in foods, gifts, and everything else.  Dad’s pickiness might have been a reason you were stumped many times on past Father’s Day.  A gift basket from Dad featuring Father’s Day cookies will be accepted by the pickiest of Scrooges.

Reason #4: Fresh-baked cookies will make him happy.  A simple card with “I love you, Dad” or a white flower might have been all Dad needed to make him happy when you were 5.  Keep him happy with something he can enjoy all for himself: Father’s Day cookies.  Your alternative traditional gifts, like a all-nighter at his favorite hotel, or a fishing holiday at the lake, might make Dad happy but won’t bring the simple joy a fresh-baked cookie does.  It’s just something you can’t beat.

Reason #5: Low cost.  Okay, you knew we were coming to this one.  It’s a tight economy—who has money to send Dad out for a weekend in Vegas?  (If you do, you can always send him off the right way with our Father’s Day cookies.) Our cookies are delivered straight to your door, and the cost can be below $20 for a single tray.

For many of us, baking cookies with Mom is a treasured childhood memory. The scent of fresh cookies wafting through the kitchen reminds us of home. Mother’s Day is coming up, and you’re looking for the perfect gift for the special Mom in your life. Or maybe you’ve got little ones who want to give Mommy or Grandma a sweet treat for her special day.

Mom has seen fruit baskets, chocolates, and flowers before. This year, why not try something new. What could be better than gourmet cookies smiling for your Mom?

#1 Mom Cookies are the perfect Mother's Day Gift

Our “#1 Mom” Cookies make the perfect Mother’s Day Gift!


Moms deserve the best: delicious edible stars, hearts, or flowers in her favorite color, endearing grins on our traditional Smiley Cookies, or maybe make the message even clearer with our “#1 Mom “” or “Love You Mom” cookies or our sumptuous chocolate chip cookies. You can even surprise her with something a little more elaborate, like a Stars and Smiles Gift Basket or a Travel Mug and Gourmet Sugar Cookie Basket or one of special Mother’s Day Gift Baskets!

Gourmet Mother's Day Gift Basket

Our Deluxe Tower of Treats for Mom is the a Mother’s Day Gift Basket guaranteed to make her smile!

Our fresh, hand-iced cookies are sure to please. SmileyCookie has the perfect, unique Mother’s Day gift the special mother in your life deserves.

Chocolate. Jelly beans. Marshmallow peeps. These are just some of the traditional sweets associated with Easter. And of course, cookies. While baking Easter cookies is certainly fun, maybe you just have too much to do this year, or too many gift recipients to think about. What’s more, baking can be so messy! So let us do the work for you. Check out our selection of Easter cookies, which will have you hopping with joy.

As always, you can create your own custom cookies, or you can choose a pre-assembled Easter cookie basket or bouquet. Our Easter cookie gifts range from a selection of our original smiley face cookies to gift baskets featuring bunny-shaped Smiley cookies and decadent Smiley bunny milk chocolates. For those with an extreme sweet tooth, we even have a cookie gift bouquet option that includes—you guessed it—jelly beans and peeps.

Easter Gift Basket of Treats

Our Deluxe Easter Basket Features everyone's favorite Easter Treats - Peeps, Jelly Beans, Chocolate Bunnies and, of course, Smiley Cookies!


Fill your kids’ Easter baskets with a few bunny-shaped Smiley cookies, or have a gift basket shipped across the miles to someone you’re thinking about this Easter. Our cookies are so cute and our sweets are so irresistible that you just might end up buying a treat or two for yourself.



Our Easter Bunny Smiley Cookies guarantee that you have a Hoppy Easter!


Our fun gift ideas and quick shipping options are sure to make your Easter gift giving that much easier. Contact us today to get started.


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to fall in love with our Valentine’s Day Cookies. Whether looking for an idea to suggest as a gift, the perfect gift to get or just something to show yourself a little love, a sweet treat is the perfect solution.


Valentine's Day Mini Heart Cookies

Our Valentine’s Day Mini Heart Cookies are perfect for sharing with friends, family and sweethearts

Our smiley heart shaped cookies will make the day of whoever the recipient is. Thanks to our new Valentine’s Day gift baskets you can make the holiday special for coworkers, family and friends, or that special person in your life. There are 13 valentines day gift baskets to choose from starting under $15.

Each basket is unique. Take for instance the stimulating basket for coffee lovers. It even comes with a mug.

Our Valentines Day Tower of Treats features our heart shaped Smiley Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Sarris Chocolate Smiley Hearts!

Our Valentines Day Tower of Treats features our heart shaped Smiley Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Sarris Chocolate Smiley Hearts!


If you really want to get creative you can take the time to customize a cookie. Anybody would be delighted with a cookie in their favorite colors, the colors of their favorite sports team, or just something you took the time to design.

Just don’t forget that wise old proverb, “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Also noteworthy to remember is there is a kid in all of us and they’re just dying to reach into the cookie jar. Contact us this Valentine’s Day and we’ll help reach in and get delicious cookies for you and anyone you love enough to share with.

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