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Want to send cookies as gift items to friends at a distance? Need kosher cookies delivered to a friend or family member observing a holiday? It’s simple and easy to do when you observe a few guidelines. They will insure your yummy baked goods won’t arrive looking like a rubble of fragrant crumbs when the box reaches its destination.


Packing Cookies for Delivery

If you pack with care, your cookies will arrive in unharmed, fresh and delicious.

Knowing what to ship is as important as knowing how to ship it. The heartier items to ship include pound cakes, cookies, fruitcakes, brownies, rum balls, the moister types of quick breads, Italian biscotti, shortbread type cookies, sugar cookies and chewy cookies like peanut butter cookies. There’s an old baker’s trick that says you should include a slice of apple to help all types of cookies stay fresh. Others suggest including a slice of bread.


You should steer clear of moist fillings or frosting. It’s a good idea to package batches of cookies together to help preserve their own attributes. Small items should be packed tightly to prevent shifting and damage. Remember that the gifts you are sending are perishable. An airtight container is always a wise idea. Simple store-brand zip-top packaging or containers will do. There are festive ones at Christmastime for gift-giving. There are Jewish holiday themed ones available for the appropriate holiday. For instance, these containers are perfect for when you need kosher cookies delivered.


Tall, round potato chip cans can be useful to ship rolled-type cookies. Parchment paper is a good gap-filler inside airtight packages. A cookie gift basket may be placed in bubble wrap and slipped inside a sturdy box which is then inserted into the outer shipping container.


Once your baked gifts are inside the shipping container, fill the open spaces around your items with packing materials to prevent them from shifting around. These packing materials can include bubble wrap, packing peanuts and plain air-popped popcorn. You can never have too much packing material.


Whether you want to send cookies as gift treats to a friend out of town or ship baked goods to a loved one far from home, by using these methods you can be sure they won’t find out which way the cookies crumble.


At, you can send cookies to anyone in the US or to military personnel overseas and guarantee that they will arrive 100% fresh and intact. We have gifts for any occasion (get well soon cookies, congratulations cookies baskets, etc.) and cookies for any holiday. Also, you can create your own custom cookie in the shape and color that best matches your school, team, organization or personal style. All of our cookies are certified kosher, peanut and tree-nut free and guaranteed to to shop up at their destination fresh and delicious without you having to worry about baking or packing.


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