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What does Nut Free or Peanut Free Mean?
Being peanut free means foods or related products do not contain peanuts, peanut oil, butters or any other form or traces of peanut. Though it uses the term peanut, it also relates to other nuts, as most nuts are processed on the same production line so cross-contamination is possible.

Cross contamination is a problem in creating a peanut free environment, as even the slightest trace of a peanut product can result in severe reactions in a person allergic to peanuts. Some people are so sensitive to peanuts that even being in an environment where peanuts have been will cause a reaction. A person may have touched a peanut, touched a table, and someone with an allergy can touch the same table and get violently ill. This has become a serious problem, especially for children. is 100% Nut Free is 100% Nut Free

Creating a peanut-free environment generally means eliminating all types of nuts. Peanut allergies are a food allergy that can result in anaphylaxis, which is a severe allergic reaction that can be fatal. The skins, cardiovascular system, respiratory tract, and even gastrointestinal systems can be affected by the peanut allergy.

A peanut is actually not a nut. Peanuts are legumes. Walnuts, cashews, almonds are some other nuts are called tree nuts because they are grown on trees. Many people are concerned about the increase in peanut allergies, and a person allergic to peanuts may or may not be allergic to other types of tree nuts.


Legal Issues Surrounding Peanut Free Products

There have been several problems in schools for children who have severe peanut allergies. A child with a peanut allergy that is so severe that even peanut oil in the air can make them seriously ill is considered to have a disability. And according American with Disabilities Act, schools must provide accommodations for children with disabilities. Therefore, some schools have banned parents from bringing foods from home out of fear of the food having traces of peanuts. This has caused an outrage by parents who now feel their children’s rights are being violated.

It is not as easy as saying only bring nut free snacks, or nut free baked goods for fear of cross contamination. The debate will continue as to how schools, and places of employment, can accommodate a person with nut allergies. Just about every place where people gather, from churches, community groups, and even playgrounds run the risk of peanuts unintentionally creates a problem now that there are more cases of severe peanut allergies.

Cookies coming off the lineat our Certified Peanut Free Bakery

Cookies coming off the line at our Certified Peanut Free Bakery A Nut Free Bakery

Bakeries like the’s Cookie Factory are now producing nut free baked goods, including nut free cookies and nut free snacks. The bakeries certify that no nut-based products or by-products are used in producing the peanut free cookies. People with peanut allergies can safely consume the nut free cookies without fear of any cross contamination or allergic reactions.

As a nut free bakery, we have verified all of our suppliers and manufacturers are peanut free, our staff is trained to maintain a peanut free environment and our site is regularly inspected to insure its certification.

Our giant mixer is a key part to our peanut free bakery

Our giant mixer is a key part to our peanut free bakery 100% Peanut Free

All of’s cookies and gift baskets are 100% approved peanut free so they are guaranteed safe for any place or event- classrooms, offices, sports teams, youth sports,  or anywhere else that might require a peanut free environment.


You can find more information on peanut allergies here.

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