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Another Friday afternoon is upon us and with it, another #StarSmile Contest! For your chance to win, you have to guess the name of the celebrity whose smile is pictured below. You can enter by tweeting your answer @Smileycookie with the tag #StarSmile or by leaving a guess in the comments section of the StarSmile post on our Facebook page. At stake is a dozen delicious sugar cookies that we’ll deliver fresh to your door.


Guess as often as you like and we’ll keep adding hints on Facebook and Twitter every now and then to help you out. We’ll randomly draw the winner from everyone who guessed correctly at 3 PM today.


But enough of the contest mumbo jumbo, can you tell us who this smile belongs to?

Whose Smile is this? Guess correctly and you could win a dozen Smiley Cookies!

Whose Smile is this? Guess correctly and you could win a dozen Smiley Cookies!

In a world filled with delicious desserts, how is one ever to choose? Luckily for me, the great thing about  getting my degree online is that I can travel the world, eating exotic pastries all while finishing up college.

I have always had a major sweet tooth, and I have loved every second of jetting around the globe in search of the next great dessert. Here are a few of my favorite exotic desserts!

Cannoli – Originated in Sicily, Italy, a cannolo (singular) is a tube-shaped, fried pastry dough stuffed with a sweet, creamy filling. Often topped with a drizzle of chocolate or crushed pistachios, cannoli are wonderful finishes to any meal! I first tried these when I was in Italy, but I order them every time I go to my favorite local Italian restaurant.

Mango Sticky Rice – A traditional summer dessert from Thailand, mango sticky rice is a fabulous dish primarily comprised of sticky rice, mangos, sugar and creamy coconut milk. I ate this refreshing dessert on a vacation to the beaches of Thailand, and it brings me back every time I order it at a Thai restaurant.

Crème Brulee – This decadent dessert hails from France, and is made up of thick, creamy custard topped with caramelized sugar. Served in individual ramekins, crème brulee makes the perfect dinner party dessert. I love to make this for guests when they come over and they are always impressed.

Flan – Often referred to as crème caramel, flan is a creamy custard dish with a rich, complex caramel flavor. Slightly giggly, this dessert is slightly similar to crème brulee, but much different in texture. I love to eat this dish after a particularly spicy meal to cool off my mouth and soothe my stomach.

Baklava – Crunchy, sweet, nutty and gooey, baklava is a traditional Greek dessert that succeeds in winning me over every time. Featuring layers of flakey phyllo dough and nuts dripping in a chewy honey mixture, I ate my weight in Baklava as I toured through the Greek Islands last year.


Remember, just because you can’t pronounce or have never tried something doesn’t mean it won’t be delicious!

Do you like to bake cookies but can’t find a unique or cute way to send them?  Here’s one idea.  Why don’t you try cookie gift baskets?  It’s very easy to do.  Plus, you get to express yourself too.  Do you want to try it?


You can also order a gift baskets like this one which would be perfect for someone who loves coffee and cookies.

You can also order a gift baskets like this one which would be perfect for someone who loves coffee and cookies.

The truth is there is no exact or one way to present your cookie gift basket.  In fact, the possibilities for your basket are endless.  If ever you run out of quirky concept or plan, the styles below can help you:


1. A traditional gift basket is common.  It is easy and fun to make too.  Plus, you can purchase decorative baskets from any craft store near you.  Lay a piece of fabric at the base of your basket.  Next, place your cookies inside plastic bags.  Tie the bags with colorful ribbons.  Place the plastic bags in the basket.  That’s it.


2. You can entertain or amuse your friends with your cookie basket.  You might want to use tin cans or toy drums for friends who are musically-inclined.  If you want, you can wrap the cookies with a music sheet.


3. If you are into combining colors, you might want to try layering your basket wrapper.  Cut out designs or forms on the outer layer after you have wrapped the basket with your base layer.  For example, use a black paper as your base layer.  Then on another orange paper, cut out Halloween icons such as pumpkins, witches, etc.  Wrap the orange paper around the black paper to see the effect.  Cool, huh?


4. You don’t need to use a basket all the time.  You can use other ideas such as toys wagons, wheelbarrows or baby bath tub if the occasion needs it.  For baby shower gift, you can fill a baby tub with rubber duckie cookies.  For a beach themed party, you can go for pails with cookies inside.  These are cute ideas and you can invent as many “basket” ideas as you want.


5. If you are going for a simple presentation, you can just wrap your basket with clear cellophane.  This way, your assortment of cookies can still be seen.  Tie the cellophane with cute and colorful ribbons to create a contrast.  Better yet, turn fabrics into ribbons.  This idea allows you to incorporate fun patterns to your gift basket.


6. For intermediate bakers, you can create cookies shaped like flowers.  Put craft sticks into your dough before you bake them to add “stems” to your cookie flowers.  As soon as your cookies are cool enough, frost them to add colors to your flowers.  Prepare your cookie basket by placing a florist’s foam.  Carefully stick and arrange the cookies to make them look like a bouquet.  Cover the revealed foam to make the presentation more believable.


Order some delicious flower cookies and leave the baking to us!

Order some delicious flower cookies and leave the baking to us!


You don’t only get to satisfy your taste buds with this activity.  You also get to express yourself and show your creativity.  I am sure that you can come up with clever ideas for your cookie gift baskets.  If you have more, please do share them.




Author’s bio: Marcy Gray likes sharing her tips and tricks, and opinion through writing.  In addition, she likes to write about various topics such as Baby Shower Decoration Ideas and Removing Skin Tags Yourself.

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