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If you have a family member or a friend in the hospital, remember that the continued safety of the person in the hospital is the primary concern. You can always send the get well gift basket or get well cookies later.



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Sometimes a sending a gift can be better than an actual hospital visit if the patient is in critical care.


You’ll be surprised to learn that visits to a patient in a hospital often harm the patient’s health. A patient may wish to be left alone or may need to rest — a visit can leave the patient feeling stressed rather than relaxed. Follow these five rules to ensure that your hospital visit does good things for the patient.


1. Ask the patient beforehand if he or she would like to have a visitor and, if so, when. Don’t just go to the hospital expecting to see the patient — you may be exhausting an already weakened person.
2. Wash your hands before you enter the patient’s room. if you don’t, you may be bringing some infection into the room with you. Try not to touch the patient too much or handle the same objects the patient will be handling later. If you are sick yourself, do not visit — call on the telephone instead.


3. Realize that the patient is not there to entertain you — be polite and let them talk. In fact, the patient may not even want to talk, but will still be comforted by your presence in the room.

4. Avoid talking about their drugs and their general condition. You’ll easily pick up the signs when the patient is ready for you to leave. Rather than stay for an hour, it may be more pleasant to stop in for ten or fifteen minutes several times during the morning, afternoon or evening.

5. Make the visit special by leaving something to brighten the room and make the patient more comfortable. Color is always a good choice in a bland room. Bring in a balloon or flower bouquet of bright cheery colors, or give a get well gift basket crammed full of useful and enjoyable items. Food is good too, such as some get well cookies in a get well cookie basket, but check with the hospital staff first to see if the patient is on a restricted diet. Another get-well gift for a patient is a warm comfy robe and slippers to compensate for those strictly functional hospital gowns.



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