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Sometimes it’s easier than you think to find a perfect gift.  This June 17th, here’s an idea: instead of stressing yourself and trying to overdo it, make Father’s Day easy with a simple, tasty gift of Father’s Day Cookies.  You know already that a gift basket for Dad will never be returned to the store, especially if it has signature Smiley Cookies emblazoned with fun, special messages like “Happy Father’s Day” or “#1 Dad”.

Still not convinced a soft, chewy cookie with icing on top is the best idea?  Here are 5 reasons why Dad thinks otherwise—and why a few simple Father’s Day preparation will lead to a great gift.

Reason #1: Everyone likes cookies.  Remember that Father’s Day you bought Dad a necktie?  He still doesn’t wear it, right?  Although he may have proclaimed his delight the minute you presented it to him, making you feel fuzzy inside, that gift was not the best idea.  And if it wasn’t a necktie, most of us have memories of gifts that went wrong.  You know one thing for sure when you’re considering the alternative of our cookie treats for Dad.  Everyone, from Dad to the people he shares his gift with, will find our Father’s Day cookies or a special assembly of Smiley Cookies collected in a beautiful gift basket for Dad truly delightful.  (Don’t expect him to share too much on this one.)

Reason #2: Easy to do, uncomplicated for you.  Planning a big event for Dad’s day could end in disaster if the caterer doesn’t show up.  Don’t stress out and plan too much for a Father’s Day celebration when you could be ordering a tray of Father’s Day cookies online that will be delivered to your doorstep.  This might not be in the traditional Father’s Day past, but it’s the present and it’s time to give yourself (and Dad) a break here.

Sending an awesome Father's Day Gift is easy with!

Sending an awesome Father's Day Gift is easy with!


Reason #3: He’s a picky person. Skip this point and go to the next one if Dad is an easy-going, free-for-all kinda guy.  But most Dads who have raised their household (including you) have their firm choices in foods, gifts, and everything else.  Dad’s pickiness might have been a reason you were stumped many times on past Father’s Day.  A gift basket from Dad featuring Father’s Day cookies will be accepted by the pickiest of Scrooges.

Reason #4: Fresh-baked cookies will make him happy.  A simple card with “I love you, Dad” or a white flower might have been all Dad needed to make him happy when you were 5.  Keep him happy with something he can enjoy all for himself: Father’s Day cookies.  Your alternative traditional gifts, like a all-nighter at his favorite hotel, or a fishing holiday at the lake, might make Dad happy but won’t bring the simple joy a fresh-baked cookie does.  It’s just something you can’t beat.

Reason #5: Low cost.  Okay, you knew we were coming to this one.  It’s a tight economy—who has money to send Dad out for a weekend in Vegas?  (If you do, you can always send him off the right way with our Father’s Day cookies.) Our cookies are delivered straight to your door, and the cost can be below $20 for a single tray.

This Father’s Day, Sunday June 17th, get your favorite dad a gift that he simply can’t pass up: a batch of fresh, delicious baked cookies in his favorite flavor from our all-new Father’s Day Cookies lineup.  From a gourmet tower featuring chewy, chocolaty treats to a gift basket assortment, there’s nothing here he can refuse.  Reminiscence with Dad as he eats his treats about all the fun summers you two shared (perhaps a few favorite cookie memories, too).  Our cookies for Dad are sure to be one of his favorite Father’s Day gifts.

Wondering just which sugary treat he’d like the best?  Here’s the scoop on what we’re offering:

Gift Baskets: Choose from our Father’s Day Gift Basket Supreme Smiles and Dad will be pleased that you have (more than) enough for seconds.  The #1 Dad message on our artistically baked cookies will make him feel special, too.  Besides the Gift Basket Supreme Smiles, we’ve also created different sizes and assortments so you can pick not only his favorite but stay within your budget, too.  Does Dad enjoy chocolate?  Buy him the Gourmet Father’s Day Gift, a present with the finest Father’s Day treats we have to offer, our favorite gourmet classic Smiley cookies & chocolates, an all-new assembly of classic treats we’ve put together to celebrate Dad.

Our #1 Dad Cookies and Chocolates Basket is the prefect Father's Day Gift for a Dad with a Sweet tooth!

Our #1 Dad Cookies and Chocolates Basket is the prefect Father’s Day Gift for a Dad with a Sweet tooth!


Special Cookies For Dad: Does Dad have a sweet tooth for our original best, the classic Smiley?  Mix in a few Smiley cookies replaced with a #1 Dad slogan for the tastiest Father’s Day cookie gift money can buy.  And then, if it’s all about appreciation, make him feel special with a tray of our original cookies emblazoned with “Happy Father’s Day”.  The fun colored font and bright lettering will make for a special treat Dad won’t forget.

Order Dad Cookies that literally say Happy Father's Day!

Order Dad cookies that literally say “Happy Father’s Day!


Colorful Fish Cookies: How about fish shaped smiley cookies in bright, happy colors?  A Father’s Day Cookies assortment like this will surely bring a few smiles and perhaps bring back some favorite shared fishing memories.  We’re calling it a “reel treat.”  If Dad likes to fish, this is the treat for him.  Dad won’t forget that Father’s Day gift for years to come.  You can also change it up with half a dozen added original Smiley Cookies to make Dad smile.

Our Fish Smileys are a whole school of Smiles!

Our Fish Smileys are a whole school of Smiles!

Special Father’s Day Cookie Gift Ideas!

Father’s Day Cookies are the perfect gift to celebrate Dad with.  If you’re looking for some ideas to make our special lineup even better, consider giving it with an additional occasion: for example, the gift basket can be given with a promise of a picnic for the weekend.  Just don’t make Dad try to save the cookies all week long.  Cookie trays could be given as a special treat to commemorate Dad after a relaxing dinner including all of Dad’s favorite foods.  And our delicious Father’s Day fish cookies can be made even more special by suggesting a fun trip to the lake, cookie trays in hand.

Our Father’s Day Smiley Cookies lineup is a real treat, and with shipping straight to your door, it will be a personal and special gift from you to Dad.  What more could a father want from a child than fresh-baked, delicious cookies that share a special message?

Haven’t bought dad a gift yet?  Don’t stress out – we have the perfect opportunity for you to win dad one of our great Father’s Day Gift Baskets!

Father's Day Cookie Gift Basket

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June is upon us once again and it’s time to start thinking of that special man in our life. Father’s day is the third Sunday in June, and many retailers are scrambling to offer the best Father’s Day gift specials and deals for those looking to get Dad the perfect present. How do you choose a Father’s Day gift your dad will love? There are great fathers day gift ideas for every dad, from the gadget guru to the charcoal lover.


The Gadget Guru

Score Dad the latest cell phone with all of the bells and whistles you know he’ll love. A GPS (global positioning system) is an excellent addition to his repertoire of toys for his favorite car. Try a waterproof electric shaver or a set of portable speakers for his patio. A brand new digital camera is a great gift for the Dad who loves to snap photos of his favorite scenery or time with grandchildren. Whatever gadget you choose, make it memorable and dad will appreciate hours of enjoyment with his new toy.


A GPS is a perfect Father's Day Gift for a Dad who always knows where he's going, or at least think that he does!

A GPS device is a perfect Father’s Day Gift for a Dad who always knows where he’s going, or at least think that he does!


The Gourmet

Does Dad have a picky palate? Does he like to sample exotic foods from around the world? Maybe he’s a wine enthusiast? A food gift is an excellent gift idea. Treat Dad to a fathers day cookie platter, filled with gourmet cookies that are sure to tempt his taste buds. There are many fathers day cookie gifts to choose from in a wide variety of flavors. Select a wine from a vineyard in your hometown or abroad. A steak of the month subscription that delivers the choicest cuts of meats every month is an excellent selection. A personalized chef’s coat in crisp white is the perfect gift that is always appreciated by the man who can’t get enough of the kitchen. A gift of fine foods for Father’s day is always in good taste.


A gift basket of cookies that say "#1 Dad" and "Love U Dad" is a present that any Dad would love to receiev on Father's Day.

A gift basket of cookies that say “#1 Dad” and “Love U Dad” is a present that any Dad would love to receive on Father’s Day.


Fun Dad

Is Dad a jokester? Grab a ninja umbrella that features a simulated Samurai sword as the handle. Or maybe a twenty-six inch long, three pound gummi worm. A beer holster will keep his ice cold drink at the ready whenever a thirst emergency arises. For a truly hilarious Father’s Day gift, give him a realistic custom made bobble head that he can sit on his desk and brag about at work.


Sentimental Gifts

Is Dad a softie at heart? Try matching Dad and son or daughter jerseys with your names emblazoned on the back. Or award him a personalized acrylic plaque for his desk that reminds him of how great a father he has been. Dad will appreciate a personalized wall clock or an engraved pocket knife. For the Dad that’s more sentimental than stern, choose a gift that will touch his heart.

A handsome plaque like this one

A handsome plaque like this one is a great great gift for a Dad who spends much of his time in the office.


How do you choose a gift that your dad will love? Select one that reflects his personality and individuality. When you select the perfect gift, let dad know that you took time to find one that you know fits him best. Sure, dad will love any gift you give him. When it comes to fathers day gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with a gift that comes from the heart.

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