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Do you love Chocolate Chip Cookies? We’ll you can win a free dozen by playing our #StarSmile Contest! Just guess the name of the celebrity whose smile is pictured below and you’ll be automatically entered to win a dozen gourmet chocolate chip cookies!


You can enter by tweeting your answer @Smileycookie with the tag #StarSmile or by leaving a guess in the comments section of the StarSmile post on our Facebook page. At stake is a dozen of our gourmet chocolate chip cookies that we’ll deliver to your door.


Guess as often as you like and we’ll keep adding hints on Facebook and Twitter every now and then to help you out. We’ll randomly draw the winner from everyone who guessed correctly at 3 PM today. Get your friends involved by using the social media sharing buttons below.


But enough of the contest mumbo jumbo, can you tell us who this famous smile belongs to?


Win delicious Choclate Chip Cookies by guessing whose famous Smile this is!

Win delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies by guessing whose famous Smile this is!

Ed Harkins, E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

Ed Harkins, E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

Name: Ed Harkins

Position:   E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA

School:  Duquesne University

Family:  Four brothers, a sister and two dogs

Hobbies:  Running, Reading, Cheering for the Pirates, Penguins, Steelers , etc., and watching movies

Favorite Smiley cookie design:  I’d love to see an old school Lemieux Smiley with a hockey helmet and a mullet.

The best thing about working for is:  Being able to say “I’m working at the Cookie Factory today”.

Favorite quote:  “Well for me, the future is already a thing of the past” – Bob Dylan

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Parties are great! …Lots of friends and family spending time together to celebrate a special event or milestone for one of their own. Almost every party has a gift giving aspect. Whether there are gift exchanges, presents for one person, or a “Chinese gift grab” it can be difficult to make your gift stand out from the crowd.


While gift giving has become increasingly dull over the years, there are certain ways to spice it up and put more meaning and personality into every present you give. I’m talking about personalized wrapping paper!


I will now take you through the steps to make better presents, from the outside in!


1)    Decide how you would like to personalize your wrapping paper. You can use recycled goods (like newspaper), blank specialty papers that you can then customize, or you can have your personalized gift wrap professionally printed.


2)    Decide what you would like the theme of the wrap to be – it should be consistent with the type of gift you are giving. Is this going to be sentimental or funny? Reminiscent or goofy? It very much depends on the recipient of your gifts. You would definitely have a different look depending if you are presenting your gifts to a young child, best friend, co-worker, or mother in law.


3)    After deciding on your customization method and your theme its time to secure your materials.

  • Recycled paper is the easiest to acquire. Look for leftover newspaper or magazine. These will save trees, but can still give a first class look.
  • Specialty paper can be picked up from any local craft store, along with the art materials needed to customize it.
  • For a professionally personalized gift wrap – you should start looking at online stores. Search for the terms “custom wrapping paper” or “personalized wrapping paper” and you should find a number of different manufacturers that allow you to use your own pictures and greetings to customize a roll of gift wrap for any occasion! Prices start around $14.95 per roll (1 roll will usually wrap 3 medium size gifts).

*There not much more unique than a roll of custom wrapping paper covering a dozen customizable cookies!

Create your own customized cookie to make an incredible personalized gift that everyone will love!

Create your own customized cookie to make an incredible personalized gift that everyone will love!

4)      Give yourself a high five (just as long as no one is watching). You have used your creativity and now your gift is the star of the party. Be prepared for others to ask “where did this come from?”, “how did you make this?”, “can you teach me how to be so unique?”…and it will feel pretty good…!


Reasons for personalized gift wrap:

  • Makes gifts more meaningful
  • Can make up for presents where you “didn’t know what to get them”
  • Will make your gift stand out
  • It will be remembered for years to come
  • Saves trees in most cases (personalized gift wrap is usually saved and kept as a keepsake or it goes into a scrapbook or memory book)



About the author:
Chris Wise was an event and hospitality major from the University of Central Florida. He is currently working on starting his own customer appreciation program and he also designs customized stationery like Baptism invitations and photo gifts in his spare time.

We’ve been waiting to do this giveaway and am super excited to show you!

With the weather improving and summer almost here, we are ready for some fun!!! So let’s get started.

We believe that a birthday gift should make you smile, whether you’re the giver or the receiver, and our line of birthday gift cookies offers plenty of ways to give a little grin to those you love on their very special day. (You’re smiling already, aren’t you?)


Sky's The Limit Birthday Gift Basket
2 Lucky Winners are going to receive our Sky’s The Limit Birthday Gift Basket


We are giving you 5 separate chances to win and recommend doing them all. 1. Answer the following question by leaving a comment  below – What is the best birthday gift you have ever received?

2. If you decide to Follow us on Twitter or you already do, leave us another comment letting us know you have. We would love it if you would retweet our giveaway too. That would be AWESOME!!

3. If you decide to head over to our Facebook page and click on the Like Button (OR use the toolbar below). Then leave us another comment letting us know you did!

4. If you decide to blog about our giveaway and tell all of your friends, please leave us a comment letting us know you did with the URL of your blog post.

BONUS – Check out our posting and nominate us for Stella Service. Leave us another comment letting us know you did.

We are going to close comments and draw winners on Monday, May 23 @ 2 PM EST.


For our current Deal of the the Week we are offering one of our most patriotic gift basketsThe Smiling Sky Basket – for just $27.99!

Save by ordering a tasty basket of stars and smiles today!

Save by ordering a tasty basket of stars and smiles today!

Kick off barbequing and fireworks season with a delicious cookie basket bursting with tasty treats that will put a smile on any American’s face!

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