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Rarely is a company mascot also a delicious cookie. Yet what better mascot could a family oriented restaurant ask for? Since 1986, the a round, soft, buttery, rich delicious Smiley Cookie has been the happy face of Eat’n Park.

Even more than that, the Smiley Cookie has become a symbol of the ethos of Eat’n Park. We pride ourselves on being a community oriented business.

The Smiley Cookie Cruiser and Team Smiley make frequent appearances at community and charity events distributing smiley cookies and laughs to kids in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
Every year, over 200,000 cookies are contributed to local non-profit organizations.

Smiley Cookies For Every Occasion!

Much like the restaurant, the Smiley Cookie has become a household phenomenon. Every child who has been to an Eat’n Park knows that their meal will be followed by this smiling confection. College kids and members of the armed forces get boxes of comfort cookies that are more than just a taste of home. In fact, over 10 million cookies are baked each year!

In the beginning, Smiley Cookies were baked and given as free treats to kids under 10 who ate at Eat’n Park. This is still very much the case, but they are now also a featured menu item as well. Though our classic round Smiley Cookie is our most famous face, the cookies have taken many forms over the years:

Eat n' Park Smiley Cookie

There’s a cookie for every occasion! From weddings to Halloween, we have cookie for that. We offer the option to customize your own cookie with any number of color combinations.

The official Home of the Smiley Cookie

We here at Eat’n Park thought it was about time that our icon had its own home online. This site will be devoted to reaching out to our community. You can expect lots of interactive posts, friendly competitions, discount offers and great stories about how Smiley Cookies bring happiness to people every day. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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