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Whether it is as a soccer snack, cheerleading snack or a snack for some other type of sport, selecting the best snacks for kids can be a challenge. It is important to take certain conditions under consideration when selecting the proper snack for the entire team. In this way, all children on the team will be able to enjoy the snack.



Food Allergies

When a child has a food allergy, the immune system treats a certain food which is normally benign as truly dangerous to the individual. Common food allergies include nuts, seafood, milk/dairy products, eggs, soy and wheat. Milk and dairy products may cause a problem due to lactose intolerance in certain individuals. Avoiding milk products can solve this problem when selecting that cheerleading snack for your child.

Nut free foods are important to take into consideration. A nut free snack can take the form of fruits and vegetables. Other common nut free foods which can be used are fruit roll-ups, cookies, pretzels, chips, crackers, jello and pudding. On a hot summer day, frozen snacks such as popsicles and ice cream may be the perfect nut free snack. When making a selection for snacks for kids, it is important to keep all allergies under consideration as well as any food restrictions as a result of a child’s religion.



Religious Food Restrictions

Different religious groups have different eating practices including food restrictions. One type of food restriction to take into consideration is the Jewish practice of kosher food restrictions. Foods have to be prepared a certain way and cannot contain pork or shellfish. Meat and dairy cannot be eaten at the same time. The best kosher snacks include fruits, vegetables, rice cakes, popcorn, certified kosher cookies and graham crackers.


Look for logos like this one from the Orthodox Union to insure that your snack will meet religious food restrictions.

Look for logos like this one from the Orthodox Union to insure that your snack will meet religious food restrictions.



Other Considerations

Another consideration for a soccer snack is if a child is vegetarian. In addition to avoiding meat, certain vegetarians do not eat eggs, dairy products or processed foods. There are varying levels of vegetarians so people who avoid meat products may eat eggs.

It may be helpful to consult with the parent of the child with food restrictions to see the types of snacks the child usually eats. Fruits and vegetables are often a good choice as a soccer snack for the entire team. Or do a google search for nut free snacks, or whatever particular allergy or food concern you are interested in. The selection may take some time but it will be well worth it to see that all the children are included and can enjoy the snack you bring.


Fresh fruit is a great snack for youth sports teams.

Fresh fruit is a great snack for youth sports teams.



Don’t Bake – Order Smiley Cookies

All of our cookie gifts are certified kosher, nut free and delicious. Our delicious big cookie is over a foot in diameter and the the perfect snack for any group of kids or adults to share. And best of all, there’s no baking or prep time for you, just order online and wait for your cookie to show up fresh at your door.


Our Big Smiley Cookie is a giant kosher and nut free treat hat teveryone can share!

Our Big Smiley Cookie is a giant kosher and nut free treatt hat everyone can share!


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First off, we were completely overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of applications we received for the Big Cookie Testing Team. There were so many great stories detailing how Smiley Cookies and other baked goods have played a role in fostering relationships with friends and family that we had an extremely difficult time narrowing down the field. Unfortunately, we want this to be a testing team, not a mob, so we had to pass on many candidates that would surely making excellent testers.

With that said, we’re very pleased to announce the following cookie enthusiasts as our 2011 Big Smiley Cookie Testing Team:


-          Anne Yopp Marshall

-          Julia Martinez Morris

-          Cenedra Magargal

-          Kim Baird Mozdzierz

-          Laura Waltz

-          Ashlei Erker Matthews

-          Susan Bates Fichter

-          Little Miss Vanity

-          Wendy Guyton Clevenger

-          Alexis Bobick Bajich


Those chosen for the team will receive a Facebook message with instructions on how everything will proceed later today.  For those of you who weren’t chosen, we are offering 20% all Smiley Cookie orders (except gift cards) for the next 3 days to say thanks. Just use the coupon code “TESTTEAM11” until Wednesday at midnight. Also, we’ll be announcing a special discount for all of those who applied on the Big Smiley Cookie once it is available to the public.

Coming soon: A Smiley Cookie as big as your plate!

Coming soon: A Smiley Cookie as big as your plate!

Again- a huge thanks to everyone! We have lots of other great new cookie gifts in development so there will be more opportunities to join testing teams in the future.

We are recruiting 10 Smileycookie fans to test an exciting new product we will be releasing later this summer: The Big Smiley Cookie. The Big Smiley Cookie is a 12’’ round (about the size of plate or Frisbee) version of our world famous sugar cookie . These cookies make excellent gifts and are perfect for sharing with friends and family at birthday parties, holidays, meetings or any other get together.


If chosen as a cookie tester, you will recieve a free Big Smiley Cookie delivered fresh to you door.

If chosen as a cookie tester, you will receive a free Big Smiley Cookie delivered fresh to you door.


If you are chosen as one of our tester subjects, we will send you a one of these giant, delicious treats as well as a link to a questionnaire that will allow you to give us feedback and the critical information we need to make the final touches before releasing Big Smiley to the public. Not only do you get a huge, tasty treat – but you also get to help craft the final product before the public can buy it!


So how do you enter? Simply make a post on our Facebook Wall explaining why you would be an excellent test subject and what group of people you would share your Big Smiley Cookie with. We will be choosing e the 10 most creative answers on Thursday the 9th, so we must receive your entry no later than midnight on Wednesday the 8th.


If you are chosen you will be required to sample the Big Smiley Cookie we send you, take a digital photo and send it to us and complete the survey.


Post today so you don’t miss out on your chance to join our test team and get a chance to taste the newest, biggest Smiley Cookie before everyone else.

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