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Pittsburgh Cookie Table

NEW Custom Wedding Cookies– Perfect for a Cookie Table!

Wondering how to have a cookie table at a wedding?

You’ve come to the right place! Here are 5 tips to creating the Perfect Cookie Table experience:

1) Assemble a Cookie Table Team: face it.. you can’t do it all by yourself… that just wouldn’t be fun!

Send out an invite to guests who may want to contribute to the Cookie Table Project– better yet– plead your favorite bakers to make their specialty cookies! There may be a squabble or two over who gets to make their famous buckeyes but in the end there are enough jobs at a Cookie table to go around! Baking, coordination, set up, arrangement, replenishment, maintenance and take down are just a few of the “responsibilities” your cookie team can assign. Don’t forget to suggest a list of a variety of cookies with different shapes and colors to really make the table sweet!


2) DO NOT run out of (A) Cookies & (B) SPACE!what is more upsetting? (A) An empty cookie table or (B) not having the cookies you made included in the arrangement?

(A) DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT run out of cookies at your cookie table! You will have a problem… Prepare for guests to look at your cookie table like they haven’t had anything to eat all day. Experts suggest >5 cookies per guest. 200 guests at 5 cookies each…. 80+ dozen cookies!

(B) Bring extra tables and linens! I have personally experienced delicious cookies go untouched because they never even made it to the extremely cramped table. Do you feel for the poor untouched & forgotten cookies? Think of their poor creator!


 3) Cookie Table Take-Out: Provide take-home containers for guests as a party favor!

If you provide every guest with their own take-out cookie table container you will not have left over cookies. I assure you. Want to keep all the left overs for yourself? Impossible! People are sure to sneak a few cookies out of the building. Individually wrapping your cookies is also another easy & great way for your guests to enjoy their treats another day! **IMPORTANT CAVEAT** do not forget an extra big take-out box for the hosts family!


4) SIGNS & LABELSevery table AND cookie has a story– Share it!

A big sign that screams “COOKIE TABLE HERE!” cannot go unnoticed. Use the extra space on the sign to discuss a little about the historical ties or familial stories pertaining to the cookie table. Label the name of cookies on your table as well as their baker’s name– you can even have a small snippet about the history of the cookie and its importance in the life of the table’s host. Also, the sign is a great chance to explicitly state– “PLEASE TAKE SOME WITH YOU-FILL A BOX FOR HOME! ”   **Side Note** Make sure to label any cookie with the necessary allergen information. Using nut free cookies is your safest bet to have a worry free time!


5)NOT JUST COOKIES!: Candy, Cupcakes and Coffee… Oh My!

Do not let history dictate what can and cannot include in your cookie table… it is yours after all! Include some candy, cupcakes, coffee, milk, tea and other various beverages and sweets with your cookie table. Chocolate fountain anyone? Better yet.. have an oven on hand? Have a DIY cookie baking and icing table! the youngsters will love it.



Interested in reading more about Cookie Tables? check out our Cookie Table History & Tradition post. 

Does the cookie table sound intimidating yet? Don’t fear! Invite SmileyCookie to your Cookie Table and have one less cookie to worry about! Our cookies are kosher and nut free with bulk availability, individually wrapped, and custom color options (THE perfect easy take-home party favor!)




This Father’s Day, Sunday June 17th, get your favorite dad a gift that he simply can’t pass up: a batch of fresh, delicious baked cookies in his favorite flavor from our all-new Father’s Day Cookies lineup.  From a gourmet tower featuring chewy, chocolaty treats to a gift basket assortment, there’s nothing here he can refuse.  Reminiscence with Dad as he eats his treats about all the fun summers you two shared (perhaps a few favorite cookie memories, too).  Our cookies for Dad are sure to be one of his favorite Father’s Day gifts.

Wondering just which sugary treat he’d like the best?  Here’s the scoop on what we’re offering:

Gift Baskets: Choose from our Father’s Day Gift Basket Supreme Smiles and Dad will be pleased that you have (more than) enough for seconds.  The #1 Dad message on our artistically baked cookies will make him feel special, too.  Besides the Gift Basket Supreme Smiles, we’ve also created different sizes and assortments so you can pick not only his favorite but stay within your budget, too.  Does Dad enjoy chocolate?  Buy him the Gourmet Father’s Day Gift, a present with the finest Father’s Day treats we have to offer, our favorite gourmet classic Smiley cookies & chocolates, an all-new assembly of classic treats we’ve put together to celebrate Dad.

Our #1 Dad Cookies and Chocolates Basket is the prefect Father's Day Gift for a Dad with a Sweet tooth!

Our #1 Dad Cookies and Chocolates Basket is the prefect Father’s Day Gift for a Dad with a Sweet tooth!


Special Cookies For Dad: Does Dad have a sweet tooth for our original best, the classic Smiley?  Mix in a few Smiley cookies replaced with a #1 Dad slogan for the tastiest Father’s Day cookie gift money can buy.  And then, if it’s all about appreciation, make him feel special with a tray of our original cookies emblazoned with “Happy Father’s Day”.  The fun colored font and bright lettering will make for a special treat Dad won’t forget.

Order Dad Cookies that literally say Happy Father's Day!

Order Dad cookies that literally say “Happy Father’s Day!


Colorful Fish Cookies: How about fish shaped smiley cookies in bright, happy colors?  A Father’s Day Cookies assortment like this will surely bring a few smiles and perhaps bring back some favorite shared fishing memories.  We’re calling it a “reel treat.”  If Dad likes to fish, this is the treat for him.  Dad won’t forget that Father’s Day gift for years to come.  You can also change it up with half a dozen added original Smiley Cookies to make Dad smile.

Our Fish Smileys are a whole school of Smiles!

Our Fish Smileys are a whole school of Smiles!

Special Father’s Day Cookie Gift Ideas!

Father’s Day Cookies are the perfect gift to celebrate Dad with.  If you’re looking for some ideas to make our special lineup even better, consider giving it with an additional occasion: for example, the gift basket can be given with a promise of a picnic for the weekend.  Just don’t make Dad try to save the cookies all week long.  Cookie trays could be given as a special treat to commemorate Dad after a relaxing dinner including all of Dad’s favorite foods.  And our delicious Father’s Day fish cookies can be made even more special by suggesting a fun trip to the lake, cookie trays in hand.

Our Father’s Day Smiley Cookies lineup is a real treat, and with shipping straight to your door, it will be a personal and special gift from you to Dad.  What more could a father want from a child than fresh-baked, delicious cookies that share a special message?

Mother’s day is fast approaching and you do not want to be left with gifts that mom knows were an after thought right? We want to show her how much we love and appreciate all she’s done for us of course. This is where Smiley Cookies comes into the picture!

Our Mother's Day Gift Basket is one of the best way to you your Mom know she's sweet and #1 in your heart!

Our Mother’s Day Gift Basket is one of the best way to you your Mom know she’s sweet and #1 in your heart!

They are here to bring you some of the best and most creative Mothers day gift ideas for even the last minute shoppers. Who doesn’t love getting a fun cookie basket? It gives mom a rest from making her amazing cookies and is something that the whole family.

I thought it was really neat that they offer a fun creative cookie to decorate too! I know I would love to receive the create your own heart smiley gourmet cookie! I don’t know what would be more fun; decorating it or receiving it. Maybe those aren’t your cup of tea. Well then you’re in luck because they offer a variety of fun gourmet cookies that are sure to please mom!

Create Your Own Customized Mother's Day Cookie like our Heart Smiley decorated in her favorite colors!

Create Your Own Customized Mother’s Day Cookie like our Heart Smiley decorated in her favorite colors!


Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is May 13th! Order her a great now before it’s too late!

Some people are just plain hard to buy for — either they are fussy or they have everything. One thing they don’t have, and even the fussiest of the fussy will enjoy, is one of our birthday gift baskets filled with melt-in-your mouth, buttery Smiley cookies. Choose from several Smiley Cookie gift baskets with cookies or cookies, coffee and a mug. Relatives, friends and co-workers will love you for this gift, and though it may not last long, the smiles that Smiley cookie gift basket brings will be remembered for a long time.

A Birthday Gift Basket like this one is guaranteed to make anyone Smile!

A Birthday Gift Basket like this one is guaranteed to make anyone Smile!

Our cookies are made fresh and hand packed so they are always fresh no matter where you send them. These gifts are perfect for the birthday guy or gal overseas, though you might want to choose one of our bigger baskets. You know that once your loved one in the military opens the package, everyone around is going to want a Smiley Cookie. We also have cookie gift baskets for other occasions that require congratulations, such as graduations, new babies and marriage.

You can also create your own birthday cookie. Choose a shape, a base color and a smiley color to personalize your loved one’s smiley cookies. Need Kosher cookies for that someone special? You don’t have to forgo cookies because you need Kosher — we also bake Kosher cookies.

Original Gingerbread Smiley Cookies

CLICK HERE & BUY NOW! All of our cookies are Hand Iced & Nut Free!


If you’re like many people, the scent and taste of gingerbread cookies brings to mind holiday memories. Whether it’s in the form of cookies, a decorated house, or even a flavored latte, gingerbread is everywhere this time of year.


One great holiday Gingerbread tradition is decorating Gingerbread Houses!

One great holiday Gingerbread tradition is decorating Gingerbread Houses!

But did you ever wonder why gingerbread is a part of the holiday season, or even where gingerbread came from in the first place? We found this fun, informative article with all sorts of interesting facts about the history of gingerbread.


According to the story, gingerbread has been baked in Europe since the eleventh century. Depending on the specific location it might be a soft cake, a crisp, flat cookie, or warm, thick, dark squares of “bread.” Although the exact flavor could vary, gingerbread was usually cut into shapes such as men, women, stars or animals.


If it’s often in the form of a cookie, why is it called “gingerbread“? As the article explains:

In Medieval England gingerbread meant simply “preserved ginger” and was an adaptation of the Old French gingebras, derived from the Latin name of the spice, Zingebar. It was only in the fifteenth century that the term came to be applied to a kind of cake made with treacle, an uncrystalized syrup drained from raw sugar during the refining process, and flavored with ginger. Ginger was also discovered to have a preservative effect when added to pastries and bread, and this probably led to the development of recipes for ginger cakes, cookies, and flavored breads.

Gingerbread came to North America with the settlers from all over Europe who brought their traditions and family recipes. The German practice of making and decorating houses from gingerbread at Christmas time was especially prevalent in Pennsylvania, where there was a strong German influence. Many traditional German gingerbreads reappeared in this area, especially during the holiday season.

Mini Gingerbread Smiley Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies from Smiley Cookie honor the long standing tradition of gingerbread on the holidays!

At Smiley Cookie we put our own twist on the classic gingerbread cookie with our gingerbread smileys and mini gingerbread smileys, available in a variety of holiday gift sets. Contact us to check out our entire selection of gingerbread and other holiday cookies.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. What do you plan to give your child’s teacher as a special thank-you? Another mug? A gift card for that coffee shop?

How about something more unique?

Think back to your childhood: remember how special a simple cookie made you feel? What about a cookie with a smiley face on it? We’re pretty sure a box full of smiley face cookies would make that special teacher adore you even more.

Gourmet Cookies are a great way to show a teacher you appreciate all that they do. With 144 custom color combos, special occasion designs, and six different shapes your options are endless. By letting your child help choose the cookies, the gift becomes even more special.


Also, our cookies are nut free, so they can be brought into any classroom without any concern that they might make a child sick.


Holiday Cookies Make a Great Gift For A Teacher!

Holiday Cookies Make a Great Gift For A Teacher!


Teachers have plenty of mugs. Be ahead of the holiday game and order a custom designed box of cookies for that special teacher today! We take pride in offering a high-quality, great-tasting, fun cookie that just can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

Questions? Just contact us and let us help you make someone’s day just a bit more smiley.

The #StarSmile Contest is back! All you have to do is guess the name of the celebrity whose smile is pictured below and you’ll be automatically entered to win a dozen Smiley Cookies.

You can enter by tweeting your answer @Smileycookie with the tag #StarSmile or by leaving a guess in the comments section of the StarSmile post on our Facebook page. At stake is a dozen awesome Smiley Cookies that we’ll deliver fresh to your door.


Guess as often as you like and we’ll keep adding hints on Facebook and Twitter every now and then to help you out. We’ll randomly draw the winner from everyone who guessed correctly at 3 PM today. We tried to make this one pretty difficult, so let us know if you need more hints.


But enough of the contest mumbo jumbo, can you tell us who this smile belongs to?

Guess who this famous smile belongs to and you could win a dozen Smiley Cookies!

Guess who this famous smile belongs to and you could win a dozen Smiley Cookies!


This post is not all about cookies. I know, it’s hard to believe. The thing is, even though I remember baking peanut butter bumble bee cookies for my mother and grandmothers, that tradition seems to be largely familial in origin. Historically, Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated with cakes instead of cookies.

The Origin of Mother’s Day

In the United States, Mother’s Day was made an official holiday in 1914. It’s a floating holiday here in the States, always falling on the second Sunday of May. This tradition was adopted in many other countries in Europe including Germany, Greece, Latvia, Denmark and Finland. But the idea of Mother’s Day predates the official holiday by centuries.
The Greeks celebrated Rhea, the mother of the gods and the ancient Romans celebrated Cybele, the celebration of the goddess Cybele. Even today, Mother’s Day in different countries often matches up with more ancient versions of the celebration.

Food on Mother’s Day

No matter where Mother’s day is celebrated, there are several common themes. For that one day, children and fathers take over the jobs the mothers usually do, cooking meals and generally making mom’s life as easy as possible. These meals often have traditional elements.

Simnell Cake

Simnell Mothers Day Cake

Mothers Day Cake

This marzipan covered fruit cake is the traditional food gift in Britain from children to their mothers. It’s quite similar to the Christmas fruit cake. According to popular legend, Simon and his sister Nell wanted to make a cake for their mother. One wanted to bake it. The other wanted to broil it. They ended up doing both and bringing the cake to their mother.


French Bloom Cake

In France, Mother’s Day is not celebrated on the second Sunday of May, but instead is celebrated on the last Sunday of the month. A huge family dinner in honor of mother and a special cake decorated as a bouquet of flowers is traditional.

American Traditions

Making cookies is a lot easier than baking cakes. It may be for this reason that cookie baking and gifting is catching on in America, though it hasn’t quite overtaken breakfast in bed or the traditional dinner out. I still think that a plate of bumble bee peanut butter cookies from a 6-year-old is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts, but then again, I might be biased.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

When you think about Easter, you likely think about Easter Eggs. But we have news for you, our cookie-loving friends. Easter Cookies are just as much a tradition around the world as eggs are. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of ethnic traditions involving baking around Easter, but we’re going to focus on some of the more well-known traditions concerning cookies.

Greek and Italian Easter Cookies

Easter Cookies

Koulourakia: Greek Easter Cookies

Cookies and sweetbreads are a staple around Easter time in many Mediterranean countries. In Greece, the traditional Easter cookie is Koulourakia. It’s a butter-based braided cookie with a hint of vanilla.

Italian Easter Cookies

Italian Easter Cookies

The Italians have a citrus flavored cookie made in a similar way. These cookies go by a variety of names: Knot Cookies, Lemon Knots, Anginetti and Taralucci are just a few. They’re tasty, crumbly Easter cookies frosted lightly, and sprinkled with multicolored confetti.


Nordic Easter Cookies

Swedish Easter Cookies

Semla: Swedish Easter Cookies

Semla are not precisely cookies. They get their name from the type of flower from which they are made: semolina. Versions of this delicious pastry filled with almond paste are served from Shrove Tuesday, the last day before Lent, until Easter in many Nordic countries. In Sweden, it’s called Fastlagsbulle. In Denmark and Norway, it’s called fastelavnsbolle, and is sometimes filled with whipped cream or jam rather than almond paste. In Finland, the pastry is known as Laskiaispulla. This traditional Easter bun can be found as far east as Latvia and Estonia.

The Easter Sugar Cookie

The sugar cookie is sort of the blank canvass of the cookie world. It’s easily decorated and so easy to make a variety of shapes with. For this reason, Americans have latched onto the sugar cookie for creating Easter themed cookies in a multitude of shapes. You can find bunny cookies, decorated egg cookies, flower cookies, chick cookies and almost any other shape and decoration remotely related to Easter.

We’d love to hear about your Easter cookie traditions! Maybe see some spectacular Easter Cookie pictures? Feel free to post in the comments section! Happy Easter!

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When you think of Pittsburgh traditions, there are a  few things that usually jump to the front of your thoughts:

  • The Terrible Towel
  • People in Steeler’s gear, regardless of season or solemnity of occasion
  • Pierogies
  • Chair parking space holders

But there’s one more thing that makes ‘Burghers famous throughout the rest of the country: Wedding Cookies.

“But wait,” the unknowing non-Burgher might say, “People eat CAKE at weddings.”

True.  But while the traditional wedding cake still retains its touted position and remains a wonderful source of candid, frosting-smeared photos, the mighty cookie table often completely overshadows it.

The History of the Wedding Cookie Tradition

There are as many theories as to why we are such a cookie-loving people as there are types of cookies adorning the table at even the simplest of Pittsburgh weddings.

Necessity as the Mother of (delicious) Invention?

The wedding cookie tradition could have been born of necessity. As the steel mills closed down – and Pittsburghers began to tighten their collective belts, lavish wedding cakes were probably one of the first things to go.  Many a bride’s disappointment must have eased as her entire family pitched in for days (sometimes weeks) to bake and freeze a dizzying array of traditional wedding cookies for the big event. In many ways, baking the wedding cookies is as meaningful for the mother of the bride as it is for the bride herself!

A Cultural Melting Pot

Much of Pittsburgh’s population descends from hardworking immigrants who came to Pittsburgh in search of industrial work. There’s a strong possibility that the wedding cookie tradition came with them. Pinpointing which ethnicity made the tradition popular would be nearly impossible.  The credit for the Pittsburgh wedding cookie table is most often given to the Mediterranean and Eastern European cultural influences in this area.

The Popularity of Wedding Cookies

Regardless of where the wedding cookie table originated, it has certainly transcended its origins and has been embraced by an entire region of America. Though Pittsburgh is well known for it, the tradition is also prevalent in Ohio and parts of West Virginia and Virginia.  Articles on where to get custom wedding cookies that match the wedding color schemes are popping up in high-end bridal magazines and people across the country are starting to adopt the tradition.

There is definitely something very warm and inviting about packing up dozens of cookies to send home with guests as edible reminders of a fantastic and memorable evening. It’s no wonder the wedding cookie tradition is still strong and growing!

We’d love to see pictures of your wedding cookie tables! Feel free to upload them in the comments section!

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