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Best Wishes

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Best Wishes

It takes an awful special person — an awful sweet person — just like you, to recognize the roads others take, both big and small, as they move forward in life, one stepping stone at a time. And what better way to acknowledge the great potential of change than with a best wishes cookie basket?


At least that’s the best way we can think of, and we think a lot. We think about baby sister’s new job — in Alaska — an excuse for a best wishes cookie gift, for sure. We think about Uncle Donny’s new life with his new wife, the one with what is it, seven cats? That’s a moment crying out for best wishes Smiley cookies.


And what about a new house? A new business, a big move, a step up?


All you need do is select from our signature line of best wishes cookie baskets with a variety of sweet surprises — shining stars, blossoming flowers, coffee and coffee mugs, along with our famous original Smiley cookies — all collected in a happy gift bag. Or, simply send a dozen of our delightful best wishes Smiley cookies to the lucky adventurer on his or her new path.


What could be better, really, to wake to a new day, a new decision, with the sweet taste of support and success at your door, and a smile to keep you knowing you have done something right? Delicious!


And you can place your order knowing that all of our Best Wishes cookie gifts come as a sweet surprise, freshly baked, hand-iced and delivered directly to the lucky recipient — a tasteful present, indeed – fresh as the gumption that got them there.


And if you’ve never sent a best wishes cookie basket before, don’t let that stop you! Just knowing that someone cares that you’ve made a change, a step toward a better future for yourself and those you love, well, it’s like having your cake and eating it, too, except it’s cookies and even better!