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Get Well Cookies

Get Well Cookies are a great gift that will lift your loved one or best friend out of their bed in a jiffy.Have your Get well cookie baskets delivered! All of our gourmet sugar cookies are nut free, kosher, baked fresh and hand iced. Bulk and individually wrapped options are available.

19 Item(s)

19 Item(s)

The Cookie Cure — A Prescription for Pleasure

What to do, what to do? Someone you love is sad and blue because they’re a little under the weather, not up to snuff, clinically compromised, medically mal-aligned? We’ve got the answer, and dare we say, it’s a more than a therapeutic theory to say that when you send one of our get well gift baskets, things really start perking up (especially when you pick a basket containing our Eat’n Park coffee!)


You know what they say … a spoonful of sugar …


But that’s just silly. A spoonful isn’t near enough! Our collection of get well cookie gifts, on the other hand, is just what the doctor ordered — an injection of pure sweetness, good for what ails you. Select from signature get well cookie gift baskets like our Chocolate Cure with yummy chocolate smiles (made with premiere Sarris chocolate) and our classic Healthy Smiles basket filled with two dozen original Smiley cookies, or choose from a wider range of gift baskets guaranteed to nurse one back to health, or at least a healthy appetite for the best cookies in the world (no exaggeration).


And you can place your order knowing that all of our get well cookies come as a sweet surprise, freshly baked, hand-iced by our devoted bakers and delivered directly to the recipient with tasteful bedside manner and a bright, cheery heal-your-hurt smile.


More into preventive care? Why be patient? Consider ordering one of our many Smiley Cookie gift baskets for yourself just to bolster your defenses against the doldrums, one sweet smile at a time!