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Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts

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Make Mom’s Day Sweet With Our Mother's Day Cookies!


Once a year you get the sanctioned opportunity to acknowledge just how much your mother means to you — to give her credit for tending to every scraped knee, broken heart, bad haircut, bad grade and questionable fashion decision — which there were a lot of, and we won’t even mention how she covered for you at the Iron Maiden concert! So this year, why not go all out? Treat mom like the Queen Mother and send her one of our Mother’s Day gift baskets filled with our spectacular Mother’s Day Cookies in a colorful array of delightful combinations to communicate your sweetest, most sincere sentiments. Never underestimate the communicative power of a cookie.


Whether your Mom is a Mother Theresa, mother hen or Mother Earth (we don’t get too many Mother Gooses — or Geese), she’ll be touched and tickled when you have our Mothers Day cookies delivered. All you need do is select from our colorful line of Mother’s Day gift baskets blooming with tasty surprises, including our famous “Luv U Mom” and “#1 Mom” cookies in hearts and flowers — everything moms love in one sweet package. Best of all, you can place your order knowing that our Mother’s Day cookies are made to mother’s exacting standards — freshly baked, hand-iced and delivered straight to Mom’s door. We guarantee that they taste so fresh and sweet, they’ll even please the ficklest mother’s tongue.


So this Mother’s Day, don’t let your mom feel like Old Mother Hubbard, with nothing but some tea and a cracker in her cupboard! Celebrate all she has given day after day, year after year, smile after smile, tear after tear, by having a fabulous Mother’s Day gift delivered. Just one simple click and you can let Mom know that despite your half-baked ideas, you’re fully aware that she’s one smart cookie!