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Fathers Day Cookies

Fathers Day Cookies

Fathers Day Cookies Guaranteed to Make Your Dad Smile!

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Fathers Love Cookies — We’re Dad Sure of It!

Go ahead, ask any father. The reason they have kids is so they can eat more cookies. Whether mom bakes them, you buy them at the annual school bake sale, he spends his own time baking up a batch on a Sunday afternoon with the game on and the lawn mower waiting, or he has instilled the greatest instinct of all in his children — ordering from as a gift for fathers day (or an any-day gift, really). When it comes to cookies, father knows best!


That’s why we take the idea of a Fathers Day cookie very seriously (after all, no one wants to disappoint Dad) and why we bake our Fathers Day cookies to meet the most stringent of patriarchal standards and with great baking authority (sweet, flavorful, fresh from the oven, delicious with coffee, milk and the occasional after-dinner-drink — and lots of them (Cookies, not drinks))!


So this year, if you’re looking for Fathers Day gift ideas, have a little sympathy for the Dad and give him what he craves: one of our Fathers Day gifts filled with assortments of original Smiley cookies, our special Love U Dad cookies, and our signature #1 Dad cookies, and then have your Fathers Day cookies delivered — everything dad loves (short of a ballgame and a cigar) in one sweet package. You can even create your own delicious cookies for Dad in his favorite colors, his favorite team colors, or colors you think look good on him — or in him.


Best of all, you can order your Dad Day gift knowing that our cookies are freshly baked by bakers who have been known to be fathers themselves, hand-iced and delivered straight to Dad’s door. Fresh from our certified kosher, peanut-free bakery, we guarantee that they’ll taste so fresh and sweet that with each bite, you’ll be looking at one Grateful Dad (add in a little Sugar Magnolia and who knows what could happen).


So if you’re hunting for a Fathers Day idea, remember that Dad is the “for father” of taste — meaning all for the taste of our stupendous Fathers Day cookies, and the founding father of sweet surprises (remember that bike, that fishing rod, the pearl necklace, those tickets to the Warren Zevon show — Things to Do in Denver when You’re Dad?). Then, order a gift you know is Dad on: one of our Fathers Day cookie gifts. We guarantee, your father will figure you’re pretty darn cool or smart or sweet or quick or attentive or efficient or hard working (OK, maybe not hard working — this is pretty easy), or something he would be proud of!