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Cookie Gifts Under $20

Cookie Gifts Under $20

Amazing Cookie Gift Baskets Under $20!

22 Item(s)

22 Item(s)

Christmas only comes once a year, so why not make this year stand out above all the rest! Whether you’re looking for a plate of cookies for your children or an inexpensive office gift for your co-worker, you can’t go wrong with Smiley Cookies. But what if you don't have a big budget for spending or you need to find a gift for under $20 for a grab bag? Help Santa out this year by giving gourmet Christmas gifts that truly stand out for quality, but most importantly taste mmmmmmm!

Please note that we cannot guarantee ground delivery by December 24th to all parts of the US if your order isn’t placed by noon on Tuesday, December 20th. Please see the shipping choices on your order to find the options that will work best for you.


Awesome, Inexpensive Christmas Gifts Under $20

Looking for an amazing Christmas gift under $20? How about some Christmas tree shaped cookies like our Christmas Tree Smileys? What about an assortment of our Gourmet Gingerbread Smiley Cookies to brighten up this year’s holiday season? Bringing cheer to your family and friends has never been easier, yummier or easier on your budget! 


With lots options, you might go into sugar shock! Can’t be with your children on the holidays? Nothing says I love you more than a plate of phenomenal Smiley Cookies arriving at their home. Let yourself smile and be sure to give away a few smiles this holiday season.


Custom Cookies Gifts Under $20

Can’t quite decide what cookie will suit your daughter or your bosses’ sweet tooth? Our hand-iced customized cookies are right for any occasion whether it be Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years, holiday parties, family dinners, and more. And a dozen of these tasty, custom treats are well under $20!


Design your own custom cookie and choose the cookie shape, the base icing color, and the face icing color the suits your own brand of happiness! Let this Christmas season be full of joy and happy faces because our cookies never leave a tummy unsatisfied.  Regardless of the occasion, our custom cookie and custom cookie gift baskets are a celebration unto themselves. But, don’t take our word for it. Try them out this holiday season and be prepared to be amazed! Who knew giving cookies could be so rewarding?