This post is another deviation from the normal cookie tradition post, because it’s not really about cookies.

It’s about taxes. (I know … ewwwww)

Tomorrow is Tax Day, and if any of you are like me, we’re frantically looking for that last W2 form and wondering why H&R Block can’t find a way to fit us in right under the wire. It’s hectic, it’s stressful, and it’s silly all at the same time.

I have some advice for you. Calm down. Eat a cookie. (I guess this post really is about cookies…somehow everything comes back to cookies.) But seriously, here are 5 reasons why eating a cookie will help you feel better about taxes.

  1. Did you know that sugar and carbs release serotonin which is the chemical in your body that makes you feel better? Comfort food is called comfort food for a reason: because it makes you feel better even when you’re stressed.
  2. Taking time out to do something frivolous (like eating cookies) will give you a chance to distance yourself from whatever frantic task you’re dealing with right now. It might even give your mind a chance to relax enough to remember that you stuck that W2 form in an envelope and put it on the mantle so you wouldn’t loose it.
  3. Tired? Need a burst of energy? One sugar high, coming up! Everyone always talks about how awful sugar is and how terrible calories are, but there are times when they totally come in handy. For instance, when you’re trying to stay awake after working on the most tedious task imaginable and it’s almost done…
  4. Cookies are a great distraction for children who have lost patience with their parent of choice who has no time for them at this very moment. Hide some cookies around the house and let those kids have a nice scavenger hunt. My mother used to do this for us, and though I don’t usually condone using sugary treats to bribe children, there are some times when it’s totally necessary.
  5. Reward yourself. You did it. It’s 12:01 AM and you’re just driving away from the post office box after checking 8 times to make sure that the envelopes all had stamps on them. Congratulate yourself on a job well done with a cookie that reflects the smile on your face. Then go to bed.

As a lover of all things cookie, I submit these reasons to you.  And what’s more, is jumping on board. Even though we can’t do your taxes for you, we want to make you feel good anyway!  We’re offering a Tax Day discount of $10.49 for a dozen Smiley Cookies.  Just click here and cash in on your reduced price smiley cookies. Good luck everyone!

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