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It WAS a cold day in–well, in my household, and visions of chocolate chip cookies wheeled through my mind. And though I am no expert in the ways of all homebaked lovelies, I thought, “How hard can it be?” I sashayed into the kitchen, drummed up a recipe and threw together some dough.

Let’s begin the beguine, said I, and I plunked lots of dough blobs onto a cookie sheet. So what if they were crowded together a mite. How better to encourage warmth than with a bit of coziness, right? Those blobs of dough got so cozy they looked a fluid cross between crowded cow patties and lava flow. I lost valuable time scraping dough off the side of the sheet and from the bottom of the oven, but gained a reasonable facsimile of a sunburn on my left forearm.

The mother of greed is ambition, right? So I stuffed that oven full of sheets, and, frugal little me, even thought to place a sheet directly under the heating element. Ten minutes later, the upper sheet looked as if it had been blasted in the coke furnaces of Hell itself, and the bottommost sheet looked a timidly pasty beige.

Well, two could play at this game, thought I. I removed the travesty of the top sheet. Perhaps the oven was running a bit weird on temperature. I jumped back into the fray, shuffling sheets around, punching up the degree setting a notch or two.

And, so sue me, but I can’t tell the difference between the scent of sugars carmelizing and of dough just beginning to scorch! However, once I located the chisel and hammer, I was back in business. Twenty-two minutes later: voila! I was ready to bake my next batch. [Cookie dough: Three! Hapless baker: Zilch.]

An hour and a half later, a bedraggled but wiser cookie maker greased her pans, observed the recommended spacing of chilled cookie dough on properly cooled sheets, placed said cookie sheets in a preheated oven at appropriate distances from the heating element, and then punched a timer to begin The Watch. Ten minutes later, a blissful ten minutes later, I entered fresh cookie heaven.

Ah… Warm, softly-yielding sweetness, I’m yours!

And, please note: from guilt, from pangs of remorse, from absolute and sheer human goodness, I did save a token cookie for every single other person in our household. You’re welcome.

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