In a world filled with delicious desserts, how is one ever to choose? Luckily for me, the great thing about  getting my degree online is that I can travel the world, eating exotic pastries all while finishing up college.

I have always had a major sweet tooth, and I have loved every second of jetting around the globe in search of the next great dessert. Here are a few of my favorite exotic desserts!

Cannoli – Originated in Sicily, Italy, a cannolo (singular) is a tube-shaped, fried pastry dough stuffed with a sweet, creamy filling. Often topped with a drizzle of chocolate or crushed pistachios, cannoli are wonderful finishes to any meal! I first tried these when I was in Italy, but I order them every time I go to my favorite local Italian restaurant.

Mango Sticky Rice – A traditional summer dessert from Thailand, mango sticky rice is a fabulous dish primarily comprised of sticky rice, mangos, sugar and creamy coconut milk. I ate this refreshing dessert on a vacation to the beaches of Thailand, and it brings me back every time I order it at a Thai restaurant.

Crème Brulee – This decadent dessert hails from France, and is made up of thick, creamy custard topped with caramelized sugar. Served in individual ramekins, crème brulee makes the perfect dinner party dessert. I love to make this for guests when they come over and they are always impressed.

Flan – Often referred to as crème caramel, flan is a creamy custard dish with a rich, complex caramel flavor. Slightly giggly, this dessert is slightly similar to crème brulee, but much different in texture. I love to eat this dish after a particularly spicy meal to cool off my mouth and soothe my stomach.

Baklava – Crunchy, sweet, nutty and gooey, baklava is a traditional Greek dessert that succeeds in winning me over every time. Featuring layers of flakey phyllo dough and nuts dripping in a chewy honey mixture, I ate my weight in Baklava as I toured through the Greek Islands last year.


Remember, just because you can’t pronounce or have never tried something doesn’t mean it won’t be delicious!

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